Monday 15 October 2007

Who ya gunna vote for?

Now that the election date has officially been called, and only 2 months after CairnsBlog had a Countdown Clock at this top of this blog with the correct prediction, we now know there's only 39 days to go before Howard and WorkChoices go.

In the 2004 Federal Election, 90,542 were enrolled and we had a 91% turnout. The seat has a safe Liberal leaning or 60% to 40% ALP, however recent polling has closed this gap considerably.

With 150,366 sq kms to cover, the new Candidate for Leichhardt has a huge job ahead of him, or her if Charlie gets the nod.

Charlie McKillop, the only girl with a boy's name in the race for the federal seat, is keen to leverage off her incumbent's reputation, or at least some of it.

Warren was a formidable opponent and at times a colourful candidate. His recent overlaps and conflicts with becoming a director at CEC, with it's close links to Council contracts, drew a lot of questions and criticism.

Jim Turnour gained 31% of the vote in the 04 election, whilst Warren Entsch took 53%.

Jim has worked hard for this election, and hasn't really given up after the last defeat. I suspect he's visited almost every nook and cranny in the Division.

His name, let alone his speeches, give him instant recognition around the region.

The National's choice is Ian Crossland, but what we really want to know, is that your real hair colour Ian?

Ian is active in his community and has supported the Red Cross and also the Cairns Show Association.

He still gets called 'Barney' – a nickname from his days at Trinity Bay High school. It should be Blondey.

Then there's Selwyn Johnston running as an independent who thinks size does matter with the biggest mobile billboard.

I know that battle all to well of an independent, so admire those that put their hat in the ring when there's little chance of winning. However this platform will allow such candidates to air their voice and enable us to hear other non-mainstream concerns.

Damian Byrnes is representing the Common Sense Party. I blogged about Damian's magnificent parking abilities a few weeks ago.

The Greens have announced Sue Cory as their candidate for Leichhardt. They commanded 6.5% of the vote last time. There are a multitude of Green issues to combat in this electorate.

Ben Jacobsen will wave the Family First banner. So look out women, get back into the kitchen.

Pat Morrish announced on her morning ABC show that there are already ten declared candidates.

If you're not on the electoral roll, you have until 8pm this Wednesday. Enrolment forms are on AEC website or at Australia Post. Medicare, Centrelink and ATO offices also have these available. You can check your enrolment online at AEC or by phoning 13 23 26.

Two quotes always come to me in these times... "Vote early. Vote Often" and "Don't vote, the bastards will get in!"


Anonymous said...

It has yet to be confirmed that "Charlie McKillop" is actually a girl. He/she's got the TV vote locked up, however - inherited directly from Warren "I used to be married" Entsch. We've also got Alfred E. Newman for the Labor party and a used car salesman for the Nationals.

It's a shame that Leichhardt can't attract one candidate that can string two sentences together. Taken with our state group of legislators, clearly the the border with the "Smart State" ends somewhere south of Gordonvale.

Anonymous said...

This election is a truly marvellous opportunity for the nation to rise up as one and sing “Goodbye Johnny”. After that, things get seriously ugly.

Q/ How many Rudds does it take to change a lightbulb?

A/ Kevin Rudd never changes anything!

I’m voting Greens no 1, followed by Liberal last, National second last, and Labour in front of any Nazis. Jim Turnour wins the effective preference.

I disagree with my friend above about Jim. I’ve noticed in the last three years that Jim’s worked hard at improving his profile and delivery, and at his community based networks.

From a Green point of view, Peter Garret as Minister for the Environment has GOT to be a better prospect than Malcolm Turnbull, and a better hope than our illustrious Queensland government. A Green Senator in Queensland gives an office and a full-time staff to enhance green networks and campaigning.

It makes me wish the Far North Greens had their heart in campaigning.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Bryan!

Haven't you "checked in" to the Greybar hotel yet? I don't think cons are allowed to vote.

Too bad for you the insane wackjobs aren't running a candidate this year.

Anonymous said...

Yo right back at ya Outlaw, baby.

The insane wackjobs are in Cabinet. Haven't you noticed? (I suppose your staff forgot to tell you).

You don't keep up with the news do you? The High Court ruled just last month that prisoners with less than 3 years to serve get a vote, because they are materially affected by the outcome.

Goodbye Johnny!

Anonymous said...

I think 'Bryan Outlaw' has convinced us all of his incredible maturity and intelligence in this and past posts. At least the real Mr Law supports his beliefs with actions (and I note puts his name on submitted comments).

Anonymous said...

Now , now boys, play nice !!
Slagging each other off is counter productive in the lead up to the election, put your energies into helping whichever party you feel most attuned with.
Plenty of helpers needed to hammer in 50,000 coreflutes to litter our roadways !

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen much in the way of interest or support by any of these candidates on Northern Beaches issues, especially environmental concerns. There is at least three and half thousand votes just in Clifton Beach and Palm Cove alone, for anyone willing to try and make a difference. The unprecedented vegetation clearing in Argentea (ironically marketed as "an environmentally sensitive development" and Frost estates at Kewarra coupled with interference by these developers in the creek systems on the beaches might be a good place to start! As yet no takers.......and climate change rolls on…….