Tuesday 25 September 2007

Some common sense parking

Damien Byrnes (no relation hopefully) is the latest to join the Leichhardt race as our representative in Capitol Hill.

Damien's a member of the, get this... the Common Sence Party. The marketing team at the CSP have worked overtime to produce stickers and rear window advertising banners, like this one, spotted by a eagle-eyed CairnsBlog follower [thanks Kurt!].

The CSP advocate a wide range of targets... affordable fuel (for Campaign Mitzies); lower taxable income; affordable housing, increase public housing; rental assistance; double number of medical professionals; salary cap; community recreation facilities; renewable energy; and tie politician wage increases to minimum wage increases.. phew. And that's just before lunchtime.

By the looks of Damien's parking skills, I reckon he needs all the common sence he can muster.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you spell sense with an 's'?