Thursday 20 September 2007

84,239 voters got what they deserve

Well, we can sleep easy tonight. The Electoral Commissioner has ruled.

The ten internal divisional boundaries have been drawn up and released tonight.

The most controversial one will no doubt be the new Division 10, taking in Port Douglas, Mossman, and up to Cape Trib, and far south as Palm Cove and Clifton Beach. This is a rather stupid boundary. This Division should have come south to Wangetti or Ellis Beach. However this is bureaucrats doing what they do best... not communicating or listening to these who know their local community.

I hope that this boundary will be reviewed and maybe the Transition Committee, if it has any balls, or influence, should contest this and recommend it be amended.

It would be interesting to know how consistent this is with Byrne's submission, as the Council didn't submit any recommendation to the Commission. He was supposedly representing every Councillor. Guess we can hear him laughing from China!

Here's the main areas that are encompassed in the respective Divisions:

-Bramston Beach, Mulgrave River (on the west), Gordonvale, Pine Creek Road

-Robert Road, Edmonton, Bruce Highway, north to Trafalgar Road.

- Mt Sheridan, Anderson Road, Forest Gardens, boarders at Toogood Rd

- Woree, boarders Lake Morris Road / Toogood / Irene / Reservoir Roads. Mulgrave Road to McCoombe Street

- CBD, north to Grove / Gatton Sts, Lower Moorobool, Portsmith

- Lake Morris Road to lake, Redlynch Valley, Barron River Gorge, Brinsmead / Kamerunga Roads / McManus Street, Whitfield

-Anderson St, Greenslopes, Edgehill, Sheridan Street from Grove Street to Airport.

-Machans, Holloways, Yorkeys, Freshwater, Edgehill (north of Woodward)

Smithfield, Trinity Beach, Trinity Park

- Clifton Beach, Palm Cove, Port Douglas, Mossman, north to Cape Trib


Anonymous said...

The 'community of interest' criteria doesn't show up much at all and it seems to me that 10 divisions and councillors may be a couple too few?

To go back through previous Council blogs and the dominance of the block union vote on the transition committee can anyone confirm who is actually on this thing? The QCU rep stated in the statutory public notice (and this blog)is Ed Taylor who is apparently a CFMEU organiser from the Wide Bay area. But the actual minutes of the meeting published on the council website totally contradict this. They say the QCU rep is Frank Young, who is the CFMEU organiser for NQ. Frank, even has a proxy, a Stuey Traill,who was there as a observer. Frank even seems to have decided during the course of the meeting that he would swap and Stuey would be the member and he would be the proxy for that meeting. And then the minutes show that Frank, now an observer, voted on the subsequent agenda item! Huh?

The chairman, KB, is responsible under the transition guidelines for both the minutes and the public notice. The public notice is a statutory requirement to be published bt (Sept 9)and would appear to be legally invalid?

Question? Are there grounds to dismiss this committee on the basis on administrative incompetence? And just who the hell is the QCU rep???

Anonymous said...

In fact, Michael, the Mayor's submission was a PERSONAL one. He advised all Councillors that they had the right to make a submission, and encouraged them to do so. He deliberatley did not go for a group or council approach as he would, invariably, have been cast as a domineering influence on any outcome. If Councillors chose not to make a submission, that was, and remains their own issue.

The same goes for those whom you are promoting.

As for the boundaries, particularly that between Divisions 10 and 9, I have it on good authority that the Mayor's submission was in line with your preferred outcome.

As for changing the boundaries, that is not possible, have a look at the legislation.

Perhaps a little more attention to detail and factual presentation could go well for your blog in the future.

Anonymous said...

Geez des seems to know her (?) stuff maybe she (?) could have aswered my question on how come KB's transition committee hasn't properly omplied with the public notice provisions of the legislation?