Wednesday 5 September 2007

Ralph, People, Picture, FHM, Cleo... move over.

I'm sorry, but what has the Cairns Post come to, or stooped to now?

I guess some percentage of the local male population (and some female) will have enjoyed yesterday's front page tabloid display. But not this blogger.

I can accept that Michelle may have some talent, even a story to tell, however in a survey today of 23 of my friends, of both genders, and various ages from 16yrs - 48ys, the consensus was clear: this was a demeaning and overtly sexual photograph Mr Editor.
I even telephoned The Post and asked two female staff at random. Both were "embarrassed and surprised" about the image appearing right across the front of 'their' paper.

"I don't know why they do that. But it is very cheap isn't it," said one.

What purpose did it achieve in furthering the journalistic credentials or the aims of your paper?
Without much doubt at all, you lower the standard of your product and the intelligence of your readers by continuing to publish such images.

I don't think a month goes by when the Post doesn't resort to the display of a scantly-clad female in the paper, which seems for the sole titillation and pleasure of some factory worker in the burbs with little respect for women.

Michele could have been interviewed about her role at Miss Indy, however the image was far from appropriate in a newspaper that reaches into thousands of family homes across the region.
Shame on you Cairns Post, we expect better of you.


Anonymous said...

It is interesting that Red Cross Blood Bank Marketing manager, Michael Moore, the author of this blog, telephoned the Cairns Post and asked female staff "at random" their opinion.

During work hours.

HIS work hours.

Given the poor performance of the blood bank in Cairns compared to other Red Cross blood banks in Queensland, maybe it's time to replace Michael Moore with someone more performance oriented and less inclined to attack the community he's depending on.

Anonymous said...

Could Mike perhaps have been on a lunch break, and using his personal mobile to obtain these opinions ?? Or gosh... even been on a day off??
Was the previous author using his work time and work computer??
And where has the previous author obtained his facts ?
Mike has done an incredible job with the Blood Service, engaging business,community and schools to increase the number of blood donations. He is a tireless worker both during normal business hours and outside hours also.
The previous author needs to get a life......and stop being so personal, nasty and vindictive.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with this article regarding the trashy front page girl from yesterdays The Cairns Post. It is demeaning to women , however The Cairns Post continues to publish unsuitable photos of scantily clad women, and we continue to accept this. No more please. THIS IS NOT NEWS !!!

Anonymous said...

As a former factory worker from the burbs I resent your implication that they are somehow lesser beings than the latte-sipping elite such as yourself.

Michael P Moore said...

You are right Hackboy. I didn't mean to offend you, nor imply factory working burbs are lesser being in any way. I hope that more factory working lads from the burbs should have a say about this dodgy Council. I actually don't do Latte (that was Locco I think). I'm a soy de-café chi low fat lactose-free Mocha kinda guy.

Anonymous said...

Errr, and the plight of the poor neglected puppy, and the lowlife scumbags who did this to him, on the same page?
Not worth your commenting on?
Not sexy enough?

And if the girl is an unsuitable photograph for publication, why have you repeated the travesty by reproducing it here?
Oh, that's right: sex sells.

Anonymous said...

Yes Cairns Post, who do you think you are. The factory workers from the burbs are not allowed to have pinup girls adorning their workplace walls these days due to sexual harassment laws, why then are you allowed to put such trash on the front page?
Double standards perhaps.
Could one of those government departments please look into this, and get back to us ASAP.
Mr Moore you blog site is fabulous, but yuck, your drink of choice sounds vile.

Anonymous said...

Given the poor performance of the blood bank in Cairns compared to other Red Cross blood banks in Queensland.


Where do you get your information from?
When was the last time they saw you in there giving blood?

Anonymous said...

more importantly, when did you see the mayor, or ANY councillor donating blood.. i reckon it doesn't happen. this council is very weak on any community commitment... they even charge to use "our" Esplanade for a function!

Anonymous said...

haha maybe it has to do with cairns locals not getting off their fat arses and becoming a blood donor! i mean, how hard is it. me and two guys from tennis go in every while and do it together. next time i have to take my 16 year old for the first time too..

Anonymous said...


yes the puppy isnt sexy, the puppy story is gutrenching stuff, and also should not have been on the front page.

todays story of the bull and the baby isnt front page news either.

sex and sensation sells papers or does it?

maybe its time the cairns post had a think about front page sensationalism.

but its not the number of papers sold that counts, really ,its how many advertising dollars they can bring in.

if i was choosing an mediam for showcasing my business it would not be with the cairns post, thats for sure.

it is gutter journalism at best.

with so many other forms of immediate media available today, you would think the cairns post would come up with new and inovative stories to highlight our region. positive and meaningful stories not just doom, gloom and page 3 girls.

keep up the good work michael, your site is excellent.

Anonymous said...

You know when an someone hasn't got an argument when they resort to a cheap personal swipes. Low and foolish. And no balls or gust to argue the point of this kind of debate online. How unintelligent to bring up the blog's work. It shows the shallowness of Byrne's worn-out ired little army of sods. Start cleaning your office you cowards.

Anonymous said...

This is another sad day for the CP.
This is tabloid journalism at it's shabby worst. This editor is showing his shallow lineage...perhaps,before he came to Cairns, he worked at News of the World, The Sun, the Daily Crap... don't insult our intelligence by bastardising the news for your boss' circulation greed... perhaps a grass roots campaign to shame (if he can be?) the editor into cleaning his act up..or at least having him moved on
...trouble is, we'll probably end up with some1 worse... mb it's time for a woman to run the paper.... and as for the sad puppy...I understand there is a large component of mange that is hereditary... the vet, who gave his view, tried to be balanced... the CP was purely after sensation
... The CP used to be a good paper... with good journos... ahhh the good ol' days!

Anonymous said...

> The CP used to be a good paper... with good journos... ahhh the good ol' days!

You must have a long memory. :-)

Anyhow, these days, of course, the Post is just another Murdoch rag - along with almost every other newspaper in FNQ.

This is a more efficient mechanism for social control than Stalin's. At least in Stalinist Russia everyone KNEW the news was censored and came from only one source.

I'll wager most people in FNQ aren't even aware that Mr Murdoch controls virtually all the local press.

In matters international, this means we only obtain the Murdoch spin on key events in our local newspapers - such as his egregious pro-Israel bias.

In matters State and national, it helps shepherd most of the populace into supporting one of the major conformist political parties at election times (orchestrated legitimization of a controlled agenda).

In matters of local and regional interest, it results in a complete lack of a critical, investigative, campaigning press.

Imagine how different things would be now, for example, if Mike Berwick, instead of being 'persuaded' to sell his start-up Port Douglas newspaper two decades ago (to Murdoch, of course), had gone on to become a regional media magnate...

If our governments really cared about competition in the mass media, this might have occurred. As it is, both major parties in Australia merely serve as poodles to the media magnates... and increasingly to just ONE magnate.

The most important question about the Cairns Post, IMO, from now until its demise (may it be soon!), is whether it is truly non-toxic when composted.

I read the blurb by the environmental PR person on the website... but still have my doubts about color inks...

Anonymous said...

It would probably be a nice idea if the Cairns Post reported something nice on the front page for a change. Instead of sex, death, doom and destruction. Maybe, just for something different, report on the Blood Service and the help they provide for the comunity. Or, the RSPCA and YAPS for the help they provide for the animal members of the comunity.
As for anonymous, it isnt hard to pick where you work at the moment, and who you work for!! Or maybe, you are the person himself. If you posted a comment that was relevent to the post it would have been good. But if you are going to make low personal attacks of someone, have some balls, and put your name, so people can agree or disagree with you.