Friday 7 September 2007

ByrneWATCH is here!

As promised, we're introducing ByrneWATCH.

This will be a regular feature here on CairnsBlog where YOU can contribute your stories, experiences and interactions over the last few years with Big Kev, Kevin, KB, Yasser.

I'll be delighted to hear the tales you've been bottling up and always wanted to share so we can all have a giggle or be shocked.

Maybe it is appropriate for me to start the ball rolling... A good mate of mine was walking through town with his wife along Abbott Street three weeks ago. This was around 11 in the morning and they'd just enjoyed a coffee near City Place.

They arrived at the corner of Shields and Abbott Streets, and were about to cross the road. The pedestrian lights were already active. A number of Japanese visitors and other locals were walking across the road. They had the right of way as the green "walking icon" was on. At that time my witness allegedly sighted a large 4WD Land cruiser headed straight towards the pedestrians forcing the walkers to part and allow the vehicle to cross their path. And guess who was driving? You guessed it... allegedly it was good ol Mr Mayor!

Now I hear you say, 'oh, anyone could make that up'. However, this was relayed to me first hand-within 15 minutes of it occurring. I guess the reason I came onto the story was that the witness was so shocked by the actions of the driver and the endangerment it possessed to the pedestrians, he was then even more shocked to see who the driver was. I have little reason to doubt the witness' validity, as he's a long-time resident of Cairns and has been a well-known and respected resident over 45 years, but is now in happy retirement.

I've received a great deal of messages over the last week, but ask you to provide your tales, along with copies of any correspondence or photos, with your stories. I know this will be entertaining as much as it will be disturbing.


Anonymous said...

hey michael love your work,
as you may or may not know the casino has a new automated parking system, its very similar to the one used at the airport (if not identical) easy enough to use right? well one may suspect otherwise when our glorious mayor in his big blue cruiser last saturday had a look of bewilderment all over his face about it when wanting to leave. luckily i was there too explain its simplicity and show him how easy it really was to get out. he seemed rather relieved as he left. unsure of new things mr Byrne? looks it.

Anonymous said...

big kev, is that a recent photo. you should update that rug, it is not flattering.

Anonymous said...

Hi Folks,

A great example of our Mayor Kevin Byrne’s behaviour. See if you can get your hands on a copy of the latest Clifton Beach Community Associations News Letter. There’s an article in it about how KB speaks to residents when you dare to get between him and one of his developer buddies. I don’t think it’s been released yet but you could contact them and ask for one to be emailed to you when it is.

Anonymous said...

KB your days as Mayor are well and truly do a few o'seas trips, sign a few dodgy approvals and sell a few more acres of rainforest, before the voters of Cairns and surrounds well and truly KICK YOUR FAT ARSE out of office.