Friday 21 September 2007

Tropical Pride at the Tanks

The inaugural Tropical Pride Festival was held last weekend in Cairns at the Tanks Arts Centre.
WIN TV news reported that 2,500 people attended the event.

The theme was ‘Show Your Love’ and provided our gay community, family and friends an opportunity to come together and celebrate in love, diversity and life! If only everyone could do that. Maybe that could be our new Council's moto next year?

Unfortunately, I didn't get along, as we've been undertaking a lot of property renovations at the mo! So thanks to Molly for the photos of the event.

The day included a dog show, entertainment such as local band ‘Smash Mojo’, Community Service Awards, food stalls and community and information services.

Even Jim Turnour turned up, albeit in a rather straight tie! What were you thinking Jim? Were you going for that I'm really wanna be different look!

The Festival was co-ordinated with Queensland Association for Healthy Communities (QAHC) and 60 Tropical North Queensland businesses and groups, there to promote their products and services.

Following the Parade of Lights (there's more pix of from Stewart Graham) the festivities concluded at David Sharman's hughly popular Sapphire Tapas Bar in Lake Street.
The famous Hugh Munroe performed right on the bar! It was a gay old night.
Congrats to everyone behind the festival...
If you'd like to be involved next year, contact the team.


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