Saturday 15 September 2007

Going where no pussy has gone before

Ok, so I can hear all the jokes now. I wished, under a different life, that I was a subbie (editor, that is).
I have to admit that I'm rather negligent in not declaring in my disclaimer that I have two flatmates of the fury variety. Cats that is.
I know you're either in the cat or dog camp. Rarely, are you in both. However, my mates Paul and Clinton in Edmonton are. Cats, Huskies and fish, birds, all co-habitat in one noisey menagerie.
So here is Phillip, up on my Rosegum kitchen bench today. He's normally not allowed on there. But then again, we rarely know what they do while we're away from home, do we? So maybe he just let me in on his secret.
They do say that dogs have owners, whereas cats have servants. This is very true. I have a sign at the entrance to my place, that states "This House is owned and operated solely for the comfort and convenience of our cats." Anyway, just thought I'd share Phillip with you.
And how did he get his name? Well, it comes from Terrance and Phillip of South Park fame. I used to have Terrance as well, but he's no more. They sang that infamous song: "Uncle Fucka". I knew you'd ask, so here's the Lyrics.
...or you can view the piece out of South Park: The Movie. Make sure the speakers are turned up real loud so the neighbours can hear. But not if you live in EdgeHill, or Woree for that matter.

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Anonymous said...

Only 2 furbabies??

Philip and ???