Sunday 9 September 2007

The second most useless job in Council

From one end of the Esplanade to the other. It took nearly an hour.

You and I and 60,000 others paid for this guy to blow bloody leaves off the path, only for them to fall again in a few minutes. And then be blown away naturally a few minutes later again.

Is this the most inane, pointless job in Council you could name?

We fired our "leaf blower" who masqueraded as a 'groundsman' on our property years ago, because we felt someone blowing leaves around from one part of planet earth to another was a rather futile and silly exercise.

If this fella is paid say $40K, and he moves around 500 leaves a day - this is at a cost of around $0.30 cents each leaf removed. Not bad. We could get the students at Cairns State High to see if they'd like some after school pocket money. Maybe fill a bag and deliver them to the Council Office in Spence Street to make compost?

Do you think you are getting a good return for your rate dollar for this Council job?

I recall in the olden days (pre-garden-blower technology), we used to sweep up leaves. We used an ancient implement called a broom. I think the Romans designed it.

Would you like the Council's Leaf Removalist to come to your street to de-Leaf it? Or should this be reserved for only high-visibility tourist strips?

Can you actually believe we employ people to do such jobs?


Anonymous said...

Always wondered what Cr Terry "Towlie" James actually did for Council, now I know. Gee, he must find a few roaches to burn' trust him.

Anonymous said...

What do you actually do at work Micheal if you can spend an hour stalking this guy and taking secret photos??