Tuesday 25 September 2007

Townsville footy lads are in town

Today I had the pleasure to meet an awesome team of young lads from Townsville, up here to kick some footy arse.
While waiting for their Maccas low cal shake (yeah, right), they told me how they've already won their first round up here.
"We have a lot more still," said Matt.
The energy, fun and innocence of youth is really stunning. You can feel every word is meant with passion and excitement for living in the moment. They have no care of interest rates or impending elections.... nor the Costello leadership battle.. They couldn't even name the Mayor of Cairns for that matter! Wow, for a moment I wished I was 8 years old again!
Nick and Matt insisted to "tell Cairns we're the best! We love it up here."
So when you see a bunch of Townsville lads decked out in blue and gold, strutting their stuff around the town this week, say hi. Their energy is infectious.

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