Sunday 9 September 2007

Blakey takes last week's poll

Well, Councillor Blake took the line honous this time.
He was the clear leader at 60 votes for the Councillor I most respected poll.
Blakey was ahead of Fran Lindsay at 53 votes, Jeff Pezzutti at 39 and Margaret Cochrane at 30 votes.
An impressive 160 votes were recorded.
At the other end of the spectrum are Kath-eeek Plath at an abysmal 6 votes. I mean Kathy, surely you could have done better. Maybe you were too busy voting for your favourites on the Transition Committee?
Mayor Byrne got 14 votes. All, bar one of his votes, orginated from the office of a Tom Hedley.
Crs Freebody, Ford Gill and Gregory all polled well below the mark. As an aside, it's interesting to note that they all sleep in the same master bedroom, in the basement at 119 Spence Street, Cairns. However, they can hardly sleep at night as their "home" was built on an old industrial-contaminated landfill.
So, who is Alan Blake? He's been in the businesses of hospitality, catering, marketing, leisure, retail and wholesale commercial furniture. And that's just before lunch. Alan currently owns and operates Furniture Associates. It has been exclusively leaked to CairnsBlog that Alan's company is designing the new furniture for the Council Chambers. It will feature a tropical design, complete with Wait-a-While vines on the councillors armchairs and a unique "Dugong" Mayoral chair (so called as it represents someone that is almost extinct).
Jokes aside, and I know that is difficult for this Blog, Alan had a background in television in commercial production, documentaries, news, current affairs and children's educational programmes. He was originally cast to do "Mornings with Alan Blake", but Kerry Anne looked way better in a dress.

You can telephone Alan on 0414 708 529 or at his work 4051 1171 or flick him an email
He's a member of the Liberal Party of Australia; Salvation Army; a board member of the Cairns Regional Gallery, and a 'Friend' of the Botanic Gardens. What a jolly nice fella.


Anonymous said...

Alan Blake... aka "the Snake"...(nice fellow?) another interesting tidbit from his past is that he was "FatCat" in the kids show, "Fat Cat and Friends"...interesting as his adversary in the last local government elections was a vet... who is running again, I believe (the cartoonists could have a field day there!).
This Fat Cat is the developers' mate... he has stood by while his division has been subject to some monumental development cockups... it was only after heated community meetings in which he was reminded that he represents his constituents and not just his boverboy developer mates, that he actually took an interest in what was happening around him. Freshwater, if it is included in the new division he plans to run in, will be his nemesis. People won't forget how their pub,"The Freshie" was bulldozed down when the Hedley juggernaut swept through the suburb, how we lost our caravan parks and service station to see them replaced by the flood prone Hedley gated community that is "Seclusion". How did that happen, Alan? did Hedley get away with building 3 story high units below the Q100 level? All locals know the Freshwater Creek bursts it's banks regularly, and when there's a king tide to go with it... man the dinghies, folks!...oh, and I s'pose the people of Cairns will be expected to foot the compo bill... insurance companies will be wanting to take a long hard look at the approval process that led to that disaster.
How is it you knew nothing of QR's plans to redevelop the Freshwater Connection Railway Station into a themed retail plaza?...or were you on QR's side? Local community action has put that notion well and trully on the backburner. Why is it that you have only half heartedly supported the character precinct proposal for Freshwater... don't your developer mates like the idea?
You've had 6 years while you were part of Kevin Byrne's (dis)Unity team to have footpaths put in Freshwater... and only after constant badgering did you relent... and even then they're not the 2m width safety standards demand... shortchanging your constituents again...
with winning this straw poll, it might envigourate Alan to have a crack at his now arch foe KB.... go on Alan.. have a crack at mayor... 60 people in this town respect you...

Anonymous said...

In reference to the Q100, it can be lowered at a cost of about $500 per millimetre, ask any private certifier. While we’re on the subject of private certifiers, they (not rate payer) can be held to account for their actions or lack there of and their professional conduct, HA HA!! There is a wave coming and it will check to see if all certificates of compliance are still valid as one well known developer makes massive alterations to their developments once the certificate has been issued??? Perhaps one of your polls could be on, Who you think is the most corrupt Councillor???
Keep up the good work folks.