Friday 7 September 2007

Villa Wrongmarno

Now this one sticks more than a dirty dinner date with herpes.
The prominent Villa Romana has all but made it to the press over recent months. Any local that moves around the town will have known the lengthy delays in completing the Aplin / Esplanade footpath development.
This is due to the illegal and outrageous encroachment of Villa's new restaurant structure poking out onto a public walkway, just to accommodate two more tables, for this greedy and way too hungry business.
At Council's ordinary meeting (they are never ordinary) on 26th July, an application from the owners was tabled at Council, to close part of all of that section of Aplin Street. It would be hard to find a development more out of control in our town. Actually, that's not true.
That Council have agreed to advise the Department of Natural Resources and Water that it has no objection to the proposed permanent road closure of part of Aplin Street, subject to it being at no cost to Council. Isn't this outrageous?
This structure should be ripped down at the original town planning rules be followed.
They have stolen 53m2 of public land (road reserve) from the ratepayers at no cost whatsoever. Try moving your fence by 6.5 meters this weekend and see what your neighbour has to say.
Our weak and limp Council have subsequently delegated authority to the Mayor and CEO to negotiate and finalise "any and all matters associated with the application for permanent road closure."
Let's recap. A developer builds an illegal structure. It breaches several established consents and allowed boundaries. They apply for the road area to be closed to accommodate this. The Mayor is voted to endorse this, negotiate and oversee this request.
I wondered why KB hasn't been dining at Villa recently. Now we know.


Anonymous said...

Typical Mayor Burns at his best. The only reason he doesn't care is that he knows they will pay their hefty rates on time. Villa Romana isn't even that good anyway - overrated and over priced. Always see Mr Byrnes in there: go figure.

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that KB had been rolled in chambers by councillors over this issue... Margaret Gill, in fact, had the statement, that the mayor negotiate with the owners of VR, removed from council proceedings...was that reversed?
The 'Council shoulda show some balls by insisting the encroachment be rectified and the footpath restored... this is a classic example of a rogue private certifier sneaking an approval in under a less than vigilant council. Council maintain that they are powerless to do anything...the State Govt maintains they can... so developers are having a field day, while there is uncertainty and confusion. It all comes back to IPA(1997), which is a State instrument... it is a gummy shark of a law... it basically allows anything that developers want... that's why it's a free-for-all here in Cairns.IPA is worse than swiss could drive a D9 through some of its holes...and as for KB...he may well not be seen there as often as a result of this fiasco...otherwise it may be construed as tacit approval...or it could be his way of negotiating ... not happy!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you have this one right? The minutes on the web site for July 26 show that the motion to object recommended by Council officers was carried? Moved Gill seconded Blake? If only minutes showed how all councillors voted.

Anonymous said...

Your posting is completely wrong!

Council adopted a resolution moved by Cr Gill, that Council recommend AGAINST the excision to Department of Natural Resources.

Perhaps it's time for Michael to have an infusion of honesty and objectivity along with his daily dose of bile.

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Anonymous said...

Sent into the Cairns Post,

Wonder if it gets printed


To the Editor

Villa Romano illegal extensions still in place.

Luiza Graves’ letter (C Post Sept 6 2007), Luiza laments the lack of ‘footpaths in Cairns, as the eateries are taking up public land” Most of the eateries pay for the privilege.

Premier Beattie’s (press release) message of September 5th is that “Encroachments that lock out the public from public land will not be tolerated”

How is it that the illegal extensions to Villa Romano restaurant, and the illegal extensions over most of the footpath in Aplin St, and the illegal ramp which takes up public space in Abbott St are still in place?

There has been no application for the two latter, and the post construction application for the illegal Villa Romano extensions has been denied by council and the authorising body Department of Natural Resources.

There was no application to steal footpath area on three street frontages, and the ratepayers of Cairns are being unfairly penalised, and the rates on the additions at public expense are not being paid for by the thieves of public land.