Friday 28 September 2007

Seminars for Intending Candidates

Seminars for Intending Candidates for the 2008 council elections are being held in Innisfail and Cairns in early October.

Tuesday 9 Oct, 6pm-9pm Rydges Tradewinds 137, The Esplanade

Wednesday 10 Oct, 6pm-9pm Innisfail RSL 18 Fitzgerald Esplanade

You need to register to attend these free seminars, email Georgina Carpadios. Provide your name, daytime and/or mobile telephone number and email address. Also your role: i.e.: Candidate for Division XX

You can also telephone the Local Government Collaboration:-

Dept of Local Government
Level 17, Mineral House
PO Box 15031, 41 George Street,
Brisbane Qld 4000
Telephone: 3225 8662
Fax: 3225 1350

These Seminars are being held to help councillors, candidates and intending candidates to understand the election process and the roles and responsibilities of local government councillors.

You only have 167 days until Council elections on 15 March 2008, more anticipated than the Simpsons Movie.

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