Friday 7 September 2007

983 hits on Thursday!

Following yesterday's publicity, traffic to and interest in CairnsBlog increased substantially.

We were getting around 1400 hits a week, but yesterday it peaked at nearly 1000 unique visitors viewing the site in just over 8 hours.

Thanks are due in part to Damon Guppy and the team at Cairns Post, home of the scantily-clad cover girl. Even Editor Mark dropped us a note to say hello and wish us well in our quest for the Holy Grail. However, he feels I should admit to being a self-confessed perv... more on that another time.

Another 60 people have put votes in for this week's online "Which Councillor I respect" poll. It seems that the trend is following the initial pattern, which is interesting. However Pezzutti has surpassed Cochrane, but Lindsay and Blake are neck in neck.

It's not scientific, but is starting to resemble a good sample of what locals think. The Councillors that are well behind in the stakes, maybe aren't disliked, maybe just not known at all. We'll publish the results on Monday morning. Remember that users can only vote once. I'm using software that won't allow multi-voting from a single IP address or the same computer.

If you have an idea for subsequent polls, please email it to me at CairnsBlog A free chocolate bar will be delivered to the chosen contributor. Now that's more than you got from your Council!

However, I need to sincerely pay due respects for our recent success. I need to offer my thanks to Mayor Kevin Byrne for his gracious endorsement of this "defamatory and offence" blog. Without him, there would be not a lot to print. Without his Council and it's legacy, we would be scratching our heads, hugging trees and singing around the campfires on Machans Beach. So it's Kevin we need to acknowledge. So thank you for making this all possible Kevin. I feel we already know each other so well. I feel I could pop over for a cup of sugar and have natter with Amanda about the merits of False Cape being made into a Gated Community. From the bottom of our heart, the team at CairnsBlog blow you a mighty big kiss. No tongues though, this is a kind of family show.

I will be popping into Woolies today to buy you a box of chocolates and a suitably card. I'll deliver it to Dennis or Garry or Robyn at your office. I hope you'll enjoy it over supper on the weekend with Amanda. You are a true inspiration for our work. Without you, we'd be nothing. You make our work, that much easier, and give it purpose and direction.

Keep up the good work KB.

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Anonymous said...

I think you are right with this post. If the mayor had just left this lone, you would still only be getting a couple hundred hits a day, as the only people looking at your blog would be your friends, family and work mates. But Mr Byrne has blown this our of proportion. Maybe he does have something to hide, and thinks that you are going to espose too much that he doesnt want us, the comunity that he is supposed to be representing, to see. Keep up the good work. It would be good if people could email you more stories of our mayor to post on here.