Friday 7 September 2007

Kier cracks it at dawn

I admire those who do things I can't.
Although I reckon radio is one of the easiest jobs on the planet, it's also the most anti-social ones as well.

Every morning when most normal flightless humans are enjoying deep REM sleep, Kier Shorey is downing his toasted museli and freshly squeezed orange juice, ready for his sprint to the office, before the paper is delivered and the cat is awake.
I've known some of the folk at ABC Far North for some time, however in the last year I've had the delight to get to know Kier Shorey, the not-so-straight-man at good ol Auntie's studios on Sherdian Street.
Kier is multi-skilled. He can boil and egg, review a flick, surf the net, and interview George Negus all at the same time.
As the resident movie buff at ABC, he's always talking. If it's not his show, he weeds his way into a spot on Pat's., or the drive spot to promo the next morning. He's a big chatter box. I guess that's the secret to good radio.
I know it's a bit unfair posting a studio pic I took of him at 7:12am yesterday,
to reveal how the latest fashion trends are yet to reach the ABC, however Kier is a hardy soul and someone with a great wit, and a You Tube fetish to boot. Forgive his jersey, but it's necessary armour as the new main studio has an Air Con with got a mind of it's own. I think the meaning in the madness, is that it keeps you awake and alert. And we need more lerts.
Often people in radio or TV carry a degree of self-imposed ego to dispense, but this lad comes across as simply a really nice genuine bloke. And he is. Someone you could take home to your mum and say, "look at what I picked up tonight mom!"
Whilst I've never been out for a Mocha with Kier, I know if I asked, he'd probably choose a Portsmith takeaway to Perotta's any day.
Famous for his depth and uncanny tid bits of musical knowledge, Kier's breakie spot is accessible and enjoyable radio for many thousands right across the Cape. We often think that ABC is the grandma of the airwaves, with all the decorum of Goebbels under the advance of the Russians, but it's folk like Shorey that make you glad we have a publicly-funded broadcasting service with such an edge and a bent local talent.
They love him so much at the office, that recently manager Bruce passed the hat around for him, and gave him a hat.
And no, he's never been asked to do that Kia car advert.


Anonymous said...

Dear Michael,

May I refer you to David Anthony who works for the Dept. of Primary Industries at Reddin St in Cairns. He has forgotten more about films/movies than Kier Shorey would ever know. The guy is a walking encyclopaedia. He writes the odd review and movie article for the Townsville Bulletin. Keir should have him on the ABC. He's brilliant.

Ken Cotterill

Anonymous said...

I've been on Kiers' show a couple of times and I reckon he's a very genuine, bright and sharp of wit kind of bloke-Kier with a cuppa? sounds good to me!