Saturday 29 September 2007

Our $40m bed of thorns

The Cairns Post reported yesterday for the first time of an achievement from our $250,000 annual investment in trade missons to China - we have a garden!
Sporting a rather dashing pink tie, a lovely orchid carnation, and a fresh starch white shirt from his Chinese laundry of choice, Mayor Byrne met some of the mainland's 1.3 billion residents who left the factory for 3 minutes especially to say hello.
Chinese workers, who are paid extremely low wages, planted the 5,000 plants, some from North Queensland. Byrne's suburb of Palm Cove is also featured in the garden.
So, three years and many 'trade missions', and a reported $40 million, the garden is now a reality. This should have been a reality TV show. I can see Gretel Killeen saying.. "It's Time to go....Kevin!"


Anonymous said...

Now that KB is back from his latest junket, could he please publish a report on the garden, so we can see where lots of our rate money is going. Oh and some nice pics of the gorgeous flowers, not just the orchids pinned to his shirt !

Anonymous said...

a pink tie just looks soooo out of place on KB?