Wednesday 5 September 2007

PMS didn't let us down

Ol' Captain Cook's Oprah-style makeover was revealed at breakfast on Wednesday, with the support of Minnie and Phil at Hot FM.

The team from Programme Maintenance Services did a huge job with help from Arnel Fencing, Dulux Paints and numerous other local suppliers, to give the good Captain a fresh coat of paint, probably the first in 20 years.

Good on ya lads. What great spirit, and for no other reason than to say we want to keep the old fella upright.

Thank god for PMS.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

isn't it wonderful to see these community warriors at work... I am overwhelmed with pride seeing what is possible when motivated folk get together to restore this tired but much loved landmark.... these people may well have set a precedent... can I be so bold as to suggest that their cheeky actions be directed next towards the Yacht Club Building...or... crikey!...the rusted ol'Tank might be going too far but maybe...just maybe, there should be a competition started to see who comes up with the best idea for the City Place...let's take back Cairns!... this mob in at the chambers hasn't a clue!