Friday 7 September 2007

Go against the Mayor, you'll lose Council's "support"

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John Mackenzie Show - 5th Sept 2007 - 10:47 AM

John Mackenzie:
  • I'm joined in-studio by Kevin Byrne, Cairns Mayor.

Mayor Byrne:
  • That Michael Moore, from [he has a job like most private citizens] claiming that Mayor is trying to close down Moore's blogsite.
  • Moore has it that sources have advised him of this. Byrne says Moore runs a blog site. He's is [he has a job like most private citizens] .
  • He runs a blogsite that is highly defamatory, insulting and generally a blogsite for a group of people that are the Val Schier team, which is running in the local government election next year.
  • The problem with this matter is that Moore is running the site but also [he has a job like most private citizens].
  • Byrne says he has spoken to the [he has a job like most private citizens] about the blog saying the [he has a job like most private citizens] and it relies on good will from the community and Cairns City Council, and that Moore's blog is not helping the [he has a job like most private citizens] maintain its good community perception.
  • Byrne says if his comments offend Moore then so-be-it.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a veiled threat to me.

Anonymous said...

Nonetheless the following is true unless you are offended so you are in denial, "He runs a blogsite that is highly defamatory, insulting and generally a blogsite for a group of people that are the Val Schier team, which is running in the local government election next year." What is untrue about this, I mean really!

Anonymous said...

Re your blog article Mr M, Plagiarism, something copied from somebody else’s work, or somebody else’s idea that somebody presents as his or her own.

Anonymous said...

KB's alter ego, the desperate tyranical dictator, ably assisted by head kickers and propoganda peddlers,switches effortlessly into attack mode, if he percieves detractors as "the enemy". His Duntroon training has prepared him for public administration but alas not for public life... his reaction to enemy fire is straight out of his training guide... counterattack!
stabilise position; call for reinforcements; reconoitre enemy position; frontal attack.... sorry kevin we have moved on... it's all guerilla warfare, now, old soldier.
it's hearts and mind stuff, old cock... it's about brain vs braun
but what gets on my goat is the blatant abuse of office... threats to shut people down... threats to withdraw funding.... threats to sue... bullying at it's worst... we've had to put up with Kevin for 12? years... it's time he was put out to pasture with other old grey mayors... c'mon Val!

Anonymous said...

So it okay for Moore/Schier to threaten Byrne with the loss of his job. And it is okay for Moore to use bullying and turd like politics just coz you're his boyfriend. Are you guys that blinded by your Schier-cult. Moore blogsite is a pretend one in that it offers items about Cairns, youtube chaser etc, but that is just a ruse because the site was designed to be a ant-Byrne, pro-Schier vehicle ( I sound stupid typing this because anyone of any intelliegnce knows this of course) You know this don't you. Also the way you describe Byrne's repsosne to criticism is nothing compared to you guys, who just fall in an hysterical fit wheneever any dares breath criticism of Moore/Schier or this site. Also if BYrne was abusing his office in the slanderous way you suggest then write the details (which you do not have of course) to the Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission, if you don't follow up to the comission then your full of shit and just made your post when you were drunk or wotever.
Also why is there never any mention,like a cover-up, that Schier is supported, her last campaugn funded ,by the Queensland Labor Party.
We must treat this site as the Val Schier site and not Moore's site.

As for you copmplete blindess to the criticisms in post, like do you like your local ABC beung used by the Val Schier team? - you probably do because who support her politics, but what if you didn't, then what? Would you like it if Byrne was able to get news stories run on ABC?

And also if you cannot handle criticism of your boyfriend Moore and the exposing of his site as a Schier-front and again fall into a heap of ignorant indignation maybe call your mummy.
I can tell all you guys have had no experince in real politics because of the baby-like way you respond to opposition, make it personal and do not address the actual points.
I'm also seeing Freudian-type intelligence envy from Moore and his supporters towards Byrne, in that they find his intelliegnce frustrating and are angered by i yet still dote on his attention.

Anonymous said...

What a hoot some of this stuff is. Fat Lizzie, do you feel better now after that amazing rant? Relax, you can start getting really upset when Val Shier starts appearing on the ABC as frequently as big Kev gets on his soapbox with Macca-on-a-Wednesday. Who pays for that one hour promo by the way? I hope it's not the Cairns ratepayers.