Thursday 20 September 2007

Humour is in the eye of the bee-holder

I always like to see the varying acceptability of humour... We all have our limits and interpret humour differently. Often it's the reaction which is the joke, not the joke itself.

This is based on our own insecurities. Our beliefs, religious, political or even social. The way we were bought up. Who our parents and friends liked. Who they didn't. These all form the ways in which we decide what is "acceptable" to us. I was bought up as a good little Catholic boy. An Altar boy... the whole nine yards. After 13 years of it... church every Sunday... school mass once a week, Holy Communion...Confirmation.... I learnt that there's a whole lot of judgement in this evil thing called religion.

One thing it taught me was, I guess, was to respect difference, and "Judge Ye who should not be Judged."

Personally, I have a broad appeal and tolerance to most types humour.

Every "joke" the ignites a response, always has to have someone or thing as it's "butt".

In all humour, there are of course degrees which we perceive as acceptable and not. Some would suggest that society's norms set the temperature. However, you only have to go to the Grand Hotel, and you'll get a whole different level of what is acceptable for a "joke" as you would at say a Chamber of Commerce luncheon...unless it's one that KB is the guest dresser upper.

Regardless, some were a bit offended at the "she-male" post. You can call it what you want, but I can't see where it is "denigrating the poor and defenceless", or is a "sleazy fag joke." It was merely a bit of mirth, in an otherwise dull news day. Was it offence? I don't think so. Some may.

As for saying it's a "fag joke"..well, please! Come on. Last time I checked the meaning of the [slang] word "fag" it had nothing to do with a transsexual - which is what was depicted in the simple silly quiz.

Yeah, it wasn't that intelligent. It was a bit odd appearing on here I guess. However, nor was Charlie on her mobile in her campaign van.

If you feel you have some ownership rights to what should or what should not appear on this blog, then maybe you need to think about the whole free speech debate again. It was our lovely Mayor who said I (or anyone) shouldn't be allowed to have their own opinion, at least not publicly.

Often when art is presented that we don't like or freaks us out, it's basically moved our goal posts on what we are comfortable with. Remember that painting of Jesus / Osama Bin Laden by the Brisbane artist last month? There was an outcry... how dare she do that? etc etc... Well, go watch 2 hours of Big Brother and tell me you aren't repulsed.

Usually, it's sex that ignites that in us. As if that's our last taboo. Sex, sex, sex. Sex. Move on boys and girls.

It's interesting to what readers "expect" or "accept" as appropriate.

While I don't walk away from the concerns expressed, of which there are two, I offer an apology to those folk. But, we are all different. I don't agree with all one "side" of politics. Nor should I. Lines aren't that clear.

You know when you're watching telly, and something comes of you disagree with or find 'not to your taste', there's a magical button called the ON/OFF switch, or you can change the channel, and switch back at a time when you feel you want to. The Internet is large enough to accommodate a variety of subjects and with 71 million blogs, chances are that occasionally you'll come across post on blogs that you're react with a "What the?" When this happens, click past it.

So, that said, forgive my indiscretions, I'm only human. Well, the test results aren't back yet.

Maybe my funny bone is differently poised to yours. Maybe I has one and the right wing doesn't? Oh, they must, because they elected Kevin and Johnny!

PS: Why did the chicken cross the road? It was stapled to a dog.


Anonymous said...

I didnt actually find this offensive, or insulting. I only got about 50% of them right. Maybe it isnt what people where exptecting to see on a blog that is covering the local elections. I wonder if the people living in the hillside homes around Cairns really know weather their neighbours are what they think. The thing to remember Mike is that people are scared of sex, and what people may think. If it isnt heterosexual sex, between a married couple(married to each other obviously), opposite sex(male/female), done in the missionary position, with the windows and doors locked(god forbid that someone would hear or see them doing what we "enjoy"), with the lights turned off, then it is shocking and shouldnt be done. Unfortunately religion has imprinted that into us as children. People today would not have been able to survive in the roman times, as orgy's and free sex was rampant. But, that may be their problem. They may enjoy it too much. Personally, bring back roman times is what I think.
Your blog is going well. I dont always agree, but that is my right, as yours is to post what you do, and commenters right to pass their judgement and oppinions.
At the end of the day, a little humour, weather to your taste or not is good. Remember people, a little chuckle occasionally is good for you soul.

Anonymous said...

Who stapled the chicken to the dog ? the chicken or the dog ? And where was it stapled ? Oh and did the RSPCA know about this ?