Monday 17 September 2007

New Local Government boundaries this week

The Electoral Commission of Queensland has completed the mapping of all the new internal divisional boundaries for the new merged Councils, including Cairns / Douglas Regional Council.

Last week they forwarded these to Andrew Fraser, Queensland Minister for Local Government.

Of the 76 new Councils, 24 requested to have internal divisional at the March 2008 Local Bod, or Regional Body, elections.

These will be made public this Wednesday, and will bring the results to you.

It is expected that that the new Division 10, including Douglas, will include Palm Cove, Port Douglas, and parts of Guangdong province in southern China.

The Local Government Act 1993 outlines the following steps involved in the conduct of the redivision of Council boundaries:-
  • inviting suggestions (section 88);
  • inviting comments on the suggestions (section 88);
  • preparing a proposed electoral redivision (section 90);
  • publishing the proposed electoral redivision (section 90);
  • inviting submissions on the proposed electoral redivision (section 90);
  • considering the submissions (section 91);
  • if the Commission decides to substantially amend its proposed electoral redivision,
  • publishing the amended proposed electoral redivision and considering those submissions (section 90 and section 91);
  • making the electoral redivision (section 93);
  • advertising the electoral redivision and giving a report to the Minister (section 94); and
  • implementation of the Commission’s report (section 95).
Section 84 of the Act requires that, in preparing the proposed redivision, the Commission takes into account-
  • community and diversity of interest;
  • ways of communication;
  • physical features;
  • population density;
  • demographic trends; and
  • development trends

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Anonymous said...

Sad to know the idiot Minister that was responsible for these amalgamations is now the Treasurer of the state.

As if being $56 billion in debt wasn't enough for QLD.