Friday 7 September 2007

Thank you Kevin, from the bottom of our blog

Last night, we were wondering how to send our gratitude to someone special in our life.
So the team at CairnsBlog had a whip around, and today we went out a bought a nice card and box of Roses Chocolates for Kevin.
It's the least we could do. Honest. We thought about a lot of things, and this was the least.
So, today I delivered a lovely "thank you" card, adorned with a nice painted Mediterranean flower arrangement (I picked it out), to the man behind our Council who's made it all happen for us here at CairnsBlog.
Here's me droping off the card and choccies to the Council reception, in Spence Street.

I asked the nice young lady behind reception, to kindly see that the Mayor gets our gift. She said she would. I didn't get her name, but let's call her Lucy.
It seemed Lucy was rather unhappy today. I suspect Friday afternoon isn't the best time to be in an office, when it's 27.5 outside and 64% humidity outside. I know where I rather be on this beautiful north Queensland day.

Anyway, I digress. In the spirit of openness, disclosure and non-closed-door blogging, here's the card we sent.

I hope he saves the cherry ripes for when we have coffee. They are my favourites.


Anonymous said...

Yo, get real, those choccies and card should be going to your close friends at ABC Radio in Cairns for airing the story in the first place at your request. Your site is fact-realiable just like Wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, see the post right below about Shorey, bit suss!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this site is nasty the way it attacks personally Byrne ad nauseum and drags his wife in and council staff. I will not be donating blood to the Red Cross anymore in protest.

Anonymous said...

If Michael didn't have a job, he'd be vilified as a bum.

As he has a job, the bums who have enjoyed too much power with too little accountability for way too long are trying their best to push him out of it.

It's their standard MO - and suggests you are having some impact, Michael. Kudos to you!

Shame about Fat Lizzy getting cross.

I wonder if she realizes that by depriving the Red Cross of her donation, she's unlikely to be punishing you personally?

Perhaps Lizzy imagines that Blood Bank managers tipple on blood donated by the public - particularly relishing the taste of corpulent female conformists?

Anonymous said...

How dumb r you people, I mean really, you completly ignore any criticism of Moore/Schier and respond with all this crap about his job. Couldn't care less about his job, my protest is at he involving Bynre family members is website he sell as a Cairns site but when it reality it is an Anti-Bynre/Val Schier site. Though I know you guyz will not even read this criticism but rather instantly go into fundamentalist defence mode. Moore must ask himnself is Schier endangering her livliehood for his sake like he is endangering his for hers.
Also wot is the difference between Moore/Schier trying oust Bynre from his job and Byrne trying oust Moore from his job? I know, Moore/Schier are blatantly trying to remove Byrne from his job whilst Byrne has only to have been alleged to have done so by Moore himself.
So hypocitical Moore/Schier supporters froth at the mouth at their own originated alleqation that Byrne is trying oust Moore but they do not blink an eyelid when they do the same against Byrne.
Moronic fundamentalist university-style naive politicians you are. What if Schier team got into power,- how would they cope with criticism then?
If Moore does something wrong on his blogiste then that is what he has done, something wrong, and it can not be distracted from by rabid and sooky responses about his part/time job.
I have never come across Byrne attacking the family members of his political opponents but have already come across Moore doing several times on his site. Problem with leftist/socialist types they always fall into an ignorant fascism. (like the way Moore hunts down the origins of posts)

Anonymous said...

Hmm.... Bullys don't like publicity... Byrne has had his day, it's only a matter of time before he goes and i hope he takes fat lizzy with him.

Anonymous said...

Oh,dear...fat lizzy is having a hizzy fit... you need to understand, Lizzy...public figures like your hero(we all need heroes), KB, have to accept public scrutiny... they can't hide behind walls of sanitised images...the public has become sceptical of the spin that media departments create for their masters... so we turn to our favourite forms of "sinking the boot in"... parody, irony...lampooning. I know you want us to respect Kevin, but frankly, Lizzy, he has to earn doesn't automatically come with the job... especially when he reverts to bombast & bullying to get his way... this has the opposite effect... citizens feel, that he is abusing the good office of mayor and that he needs to be moved a place where his services would be appreciated( lookout maintenance officer at Bartle Frere)

Anonymous said...

good post, understand your point about theatre in politics

Anonymous said...

Byrne has no humour or lighter side. I am sure he prefers lemons to chocolates!