Saturday 22 September 2007

10,000 visitors to CairnsBlog

Overnight we recorded our 10,000th visitor to

On behalf of the Academy, I'd like to thank you for your support, and special mention to Mayor Kevin Byrne in our success.

Early in the month we sent KB a box of chocolates to acknowledge his gratitude and good spirits in threatening to close us down.

It all started when KB went on John McKenzie's radio show: Not So Easy Listening 846 AM, and cracked up. So we put out a press statement, and the Cairns Post followed it up. The following week, he repeated his triad with Locco on 4CA FM.

I think he finally listened to his media advisers who said it really wasn't a good idea to continue to tell a resident and a ratepayer that they were not allowed to say something against the Council. DOH, or is it Duurrrr.

Yesterday Cairns Newspapers, who produce the Southern Herald and Northern News, has published an update on the story about when Mayor Byrne tried to close the Blog down a few weeks ago.

CairnsBlog will continue to ask questions about the Council's administration and will air mayoral correspondence that display a bombastic and arrogant attitude. The Mayor of Cairns, otherwise known as His Arrogance The Mayor, has long given up acting like your servant.

It's time our community are actively involved in this debate. We hope to inform, entertain and maybe even shock you.

Solidarity brothers.. and sisters. Oh, and keep those stories and tips rolling it. We love you long time.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic the way you have gotten people talking. Congragulations on 10,000 hits, a magnificnent mile stone.....

Anonymous said...

don't give byrne credit for your blog especially when he gets politial mileage out of any publicized angst with you. success of your blog is attributable to such tings as, detailed but not an overload of info, a mix of political and pop items, localized poltical goss and feeling, good font size and freindly blog design but most of your very savvy marketing skills in utlizing the mayor and local media to kickstart the blog to a point of being nice and established for both upcoming elections. Your skills are capital city level and i'm sure this blog is just a cutting-one's teeth exercise to greater things in either journalism such as an editor

Anonymous said...

Is the editorial position of the Cairns Post up for election any time soon?

If so, perhaps we should get up a campaign for Michael?

Who knows, I might even buy thif he got the job, just to frame them.

But no, silly me, it isn't. I forgot.

The Editorship of the Cairns Post is ultimately the call of a war-glorifying extremist called Rupert Murdoch, personal chum of Ariel Sharon, whose global media empire inter alia pushes an extreme Zionist agenda, helping bias the western mind against justice for Palestine in particular and for the Arab and Muslim world in general.

No one I've ever met had admitted to reading the Cairns Post for its foreign affairs coverage, a skinned down version of the News Ltd feed that presumably goes out to all of Murdoch's hundreds of newspapers throughout Australia.

But are we - as a community - aware of its bias on some of the increasingly crucial international issues?

Are we aware that the Cairns Post plays its part in this region propping up global mythologies that are life-threatening to this planet and its people? (and yes, that includes FNQ and its community, no matter how nice the weather this lovely sunny morning).

I doubt it. I think most people around here simply imagine they are "reading the news" (implicitly spin-free) about Israel, Palestine, the Lebaanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran etc


As someone commenting on this post spoofed Rupert Murdoch, following an initial comment by an 'anonymous optimist', I'd like to drop one more thought into the mix.

I'm a little surprised - and somewhat disappointed - how few people reply to Michael's blog using their own name.

Why do so many people feel unable to speak their minds openly in public?

I know some can't engage in public political debate because of constraints imposed by their work, by it's got to the point where most everyone is anonymous or using a pseudonym.

I don't think this signifies a healthy democracy.

Could democracy ever have got started with this level of timidity?

I doubt it.

Citizens gathering in the Agora would have looked more like guests at a Halloween Party, almost everyone wearing a mask and/or a funny hat.

Is there some reason Cairns people are embarrassed to say who they are in what seem to be abnormally high numbers?

Anonymous said...

Cairns people are not embarrassed to say who they are as you try and slip thru as fact in your post. I'd says welcome to the internet and get used to people using monikers for posts. Only Towels care about real names on posts. This blog is not the tax office. As well there culd be several reasons why people do not give reals names and you even mention these in your own argument but then still push your case!
People who are so upset about such things should tell their mummy.
Also I shall not be intimidated by your pissy anger and bullshit logic and wanker-principal into posting my name. There is no leigitimate arguement wotsoever for one posting one's name on a site anywhere, show me the legisilation. Also I do not need to justify my particuliar-named postings to you. You must give people beneift of doubt and also concern urself with important fings. To demand people leave their real names based on some baseless ethic of yourown is ill.
Also did the though ever cross your brain that people using other names is themselves expressing themselves as they choose, if that is all right with, or do you want tax file numbers and dna swabs with each post. Go 2 China when they spy on net.
As said u r a towel.

Anonymous said...

Did I touch or raw nerve or what?

My comment was not directed at you personally, whoever you are.

You're perfectly welcome to post anonymously as far as I'm concerned. It's not my blog. My comment went to the kind of civic culture we seem to have up in FNQ.

Actually, goat, if I posted 'material' such as your last post, I might well post anonymously too - lest I be reminded of my painful argumentation and lousy spelling in later life. :-)

Anonymous said...

BUsted, ur one of those boooring oldies that does noit like bad spelling in posts, this is the inet, get used 2it.

SHit mate, thanks for havingn your permission to post anonoymously.
And the kind if civic culture you talk about is your own invention.
And u copped out by saying the post was not directed at me, wot just everyone else. As said u r a towel.

Anonymous said...

At this point, I'll take Mark Twain's advice

Anonymous said...

sorree, sid I was taking issue bit seriouslyee, u seem a kewl dude.

Anonymous said...

Could you or someone else please let us in on the towel joke as it has me bemused ?
Thanks xx