Tuesday 25 September 2007

This week's Caption Contest

This week's caption contest is of some random English backpackers visiting Cairns.

It's dedicated to the editorial team at the Cairns Post, who gave us the inspiration for some gratuitous soft core chicks for the pleasure of 88% of the male population, and probably 12% of female audience (give or take a bit).

Anyway, we will name this week's "I-couldn't-be-bothered-doing-another-political-jibe-this-week" contest.

Good luck... and please, keep em clean.

  1. "You can't be serious, Howard is only 7 points behind?"
  2. "We come from a land up over to see what the boys got down under"
  3. "I'm Jane and she's Tarzan, what's your name big boy?"
  4. "Yeah we caught a fish this big, but I threw it back because it was way too cute"
  5. "Well, at least I bought my towel, you towel!"
  6. Just think, we could be in China as your Mayor's personal secretaries if you weren't taking our photo!"
  7. ... your turn...


Anonymous said...

Three sure things in life
1. Death
2. taxes
3. English backpackers on holiday

Anonymous said...

Is this where you apply for a job at CairnsBlog.net ??

Anonymous said...

We have just been told told we were swimming in Gilligan's 'Gene Pool' Yuck!

Anonymous said...

will someone pls teach us that silly kiwi dance, we r off to nz 2morrow & have been told that it a v. important thing to know !!