Saturday 15 September 2007

Hello from Port Stephens

The beauty of the net is that it's very networky (is that a word?)

I just got this nice email from a web-surfer in a small remote township in New South Wales.. and thought I'd share with you:
  • Hi Mike,
    I like your style - having a few problems with Councils myself, I stumbled on your blog. Any blog that the mayor tries to shut down must be therefore very good so my hat goes off to you!
    We are a part of a rural community in NSW enjoying the quite life in a beautiful part of the coast - now however the mining axe has begun to materialize with a lot of residents up in arms.
    It seems that initial contact with Council on the issue has found a number of councillors come out on the miners side - stuff the locals.
    What do they know anyway? (Obviously vested interests play their part here and this particular Council has a bad reputation).
    Some however do seem to want to preserve what we have so.... it seems to me that a local blog after the style of yours may be a great idea to let people know what is happening and who believes what. I can do all the development and maintaining of the blog but I would like your opinion as how to get rolling - not the technical aspects but from the marketing side. Mainly a few pointers like where the stick is drawn, is it effective?
    Paul Spiller

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