Monday 10 September 2007

Is Charlie in the know?

Ajax asks.. Does Charlie McKillop have the good oil, or is she merely jumping the gun?

Campaign corflutes carrying the chubby countenance of the Liberal candidate for Leichhardt have been affixed to a defunct seafood shop on the corner of the “five ways” roundabout at Edge Hill for several days now.

Assuming her mentor and former boss, the outgoing member Warren Entsch, has marked her card, the odds are that the Prime Miniature will be visiting the Governor General’s office this week.

If truth be known, the loquacious Charlie has been in campaign mode ever since Wazza anointed her. A media blitz can now be anticipated from this wily former Sun journo.

Her main rival, Reg of The Bill look-alike Jim Turnour, will need to raise his game if he is to reclaim the seat formerly held by Peter Dudd (correction: Dodd).


Anonymous said...

...she's got balls, our Charlie... but if the swing is on...Labour is now 14pts ahead(Jim needs 11)...Jim will get there... Jim's a nice bloke, let's face it...he'll make a very good representative for Leichhardt... Charlie impresses, but Howard is on the's gunna be a huge battle for her... Ian Crossland is the spoiler, of that there can be no doubt... the died hair, Ian...get real!'s almost as bad as John MacKenzies rug!

Anonymous said...

Hang on, is there an independant about to be announced ??

KitchenSlut said...

It will be a close and hard race but if the candidates campaign buses are any guide then Charlie should be streets ahead. The adventures of Basil Bus are coming soon at

Anonymous said...

Charlie has what it takes to match, or better, the calibre of Warren Entsch.

The truth of the matter is that half of the things she does, Cairns doesn't hear about.

For example, her astounding work with the charitable foundation 'Harald's House.'

Jim on the other hand lives in the shadow of Kevin Rudd. I'm sure we've all seen Kevin.. Uh.. I mean "Jim's" advert. Do we hear him speak in it once? Nope.

What about the speech Jim did at the Kuranda Chamber of Commerce? He spent 20 minutes nattering on about everything Kevin Rudd (a.k.a Krudd) is supposedly going to do for Australia - at the end of which, a particularly astute member of the audience yelled to Jim: "Ok, we know what you reckon Rudd's gonna do - but what will you do for us up here!?"

Kuranda, by the way, is a long time stronghold of Labor.

Reality is that Jim won't do anything for Leichhardt.

And Rudd is only interested if he can make money, as can be seen by his refusal to appear in front of the Cairns Chamber of Commerce. He remarked that his time should be spent doing fundraising for the party.

I'll be more inclined to run to Bob "Mad Hatter" Katter's electorate next door if Jim is elected.

Use some sense and vote for Charlie McKillop.

Anonymous said...

mckillop is a towel.

Anonymous said...

What sort of towel? The name Myer Lansky sounds sort of familiar? Hey, you aren't a Cairns City Councillor are you?

Noun 1. towel - a rectangular piece of absorbent cloth (or paper) for drying or wiping
bath towel - a large towel; to dry yourself after a bath
beach towel - very large towel to dry yourself after swimming
dish towel, dishtowel, tea towel - a towel for drying dishes
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Anonymous said...

McKillop is a towel - literally, ie: a bath towel - a large towel; to dry yourself after a bath, or a beach towel - very large towel to dry yourself after swimming.
McKillop is also known to sometimes disguise herself as a one Stephen McTowlie.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please let me in on the towel joke......

KitchenSlut said...

I'm with you on the confusion anonymous? And the mentality of some!

And also with the proliferation of prominent US Crime figures like Myer Lansky and Joseph Kennedy on a Cairns Blog site. Curiously, given privacy laws my personal blogger login photo, supposedly profile hidden, is appearing to some viewers.

Don't give a stuff really, i am a member of no political party but damned proud to be associated with the campaign of my friend Charlie McKillop.

Anonymous said...

anonymous is another towel!...a sopping 1 at that

Anonymous said...

Towel jokes aside, Charlie and Jim are probably both nice people as probably the National bloke with the funny hair. What we need to realise is it's the toxic party she represents and its destruction of workers rights and the constant lies - WMD, AWB rorts, children overboard and the blatant use of taxpayers money for political advertising... the list goes on....Let's face it our country lives in prosperity thanks to the Chinese Resources boom, not the present government's fiddling around the edges. It could all go bust tomorrow. Sorry Charlie but this country deserves better than that.