Saturday 29 September 2007

Your Weekend Post review.. from CairnsBlog!

The sun has just risen on this lovely Saturday morning.

My Cairns Post E-paper edition is extra early today - surprisingly. Of late, it's been rather inconsistent with it's arrival time in my inbox. Somedays, not till afternoon. And I thought the dub dub dub thing speed things up?

Thought I'd give you a treat, for those that are still brewing their Lakeland coffee beans and waking up with Rage blurting out on ABC 2.

I'm a fan of the Weekend edition, as there's more space, longer stories, and more local stuff. The weekday edition is like eating Chinese. You are still hungry afterwards.

  • Today's lead, is that same old story that comes out every few months. When there's little else to share, we hear what properties at the top end of the ledger have been sold. Yawn.
  • There's a tale about a Malanda businessman who's life was on death row when his Telstra Bigpond (my ISP of choice) gave up the ghost for 48 hours. Oh, how we love to bash Telstra. Communications aren't infallible. Guaranteeing that your Internet will be connected 24/7 is like saying that Kevin Rudd will romp in. While I have sympathy for lost income due to no Internet, I have to say $5,500 less gambling in Malanda for two days... he probably did his community a favour! TCW's Wally Donaldson was correct in saying that businesses shouldn't be on a home package. There are business-grade products available for those that require a vital connection, and a $29/month deal isn't the one.
  • There's an update on the new mod loo at Port Douglas that wasn't doing what it orta. The "loo with a queue" was fixed after they flew in a loo-expert from New Zealand. Yeah, us Kiwi's can do almost anything.
  • There's a 2-page feature (minus ads) about Police Remembrance Day
  • Vin Diesel won't make it to Gilligans tonight
  • The mandatory monthly croc pic appears again, this time from a Westcourt embankment
  • Ergon gets slammed by local tree lopping firms, who say they've lost thousands in revenue because of their street clearing programme last month.
  • Mayoral candidate Val Schier says the Mayor needs to justify his Council's China spending spree that's gone on for years. Maybe you should tell us about your Tassie jaunt Val? You could build a friendship garden down there?
  • CBD disability access is improving
  • Warren Inch, I mean Entsch, announces his farewell dinner on Sat 6th October. Email if you would like to attend.
  • Union lad Stuart Traill gets another one in letters to the Ed, as does the infamous regular Schmidlin surname of Yorkeys
  • Greg Punshon puts up another excellent argument, and I always enjoy Gavin King's piece.

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