Thursday 25 October 2007

IQ Test

A woman enters the Courthouse pub in Abbott Street and orders a drink.

The bar has a new robot bartender.

The robot serves her a perfectly prepared cocktail, and then asks,“What’s your IQ?”

The woman replies “150″ and the robot proceeds to make conversation about global warming factors, quantum physics and spirituality, bio-mimicry, environmental interconnectedness, string theory, nanotechnology, and sexual proclivities.

She's very impressed and thinks, “This is really cool.” She decides to test the robot.

She walks out of the bar, turns around, and comes back in for another drink. Again, the robot serves her a perfectly prepared drink and asks, “What’s your IQ” the woman responds, “About 100.”

Immediately the robot starts talking, but this time about league, Holden racing, the new BIG MC, tattoos, The Spice Girls and girly mags.

Really impressed, the woman leaves the bar and decides to give the robot one more test. She heads out and returns, the robot serves him and asks, “What’s your IQ?” The woman replies, “Err, 50, I think.”

The robot says … really slowly ….“So……………ya gonna vote for Howard again?”


Anonymous said...

Bit old there, Mike..

A joke I was sent about Beattie in 2000..

Anonymous said...

It's just another poorly crafted attack by Mr. Moore on all things Australian.

Say mate, you hate it here so much why don't you go back where you came from?

Anonymous said...

Boys.....nasty nasty...its all in good fun !

Anonymous said...

Hey I sent it to my colleagues at work and it got a laugh. An oldie but a goody.