Monday 29 October 2007

Tricks from developers

I see that Satterly, the lads behind the large Smithfield Village development hd their first open day on the weekend.
I guess there was fun to be had for all the family.. including a BBQ, face painting, pony rides, bouncy castle... etc, etc.
I always cringe when I see property developers or a real estate company host a "family day", or a "Fun Free BBQ" event.
It screams as covert and misleading when a large corporate attempts to lure people along with the carrot of kiddy activities, when their primary objective is to flog off a bunch of dirt of a new $380,000 house with no vegetation.
In my 7 years living in the region, I've seen a myriad of developer tricks that have all the satisfaction of a night in jail with Pauline Hanson.
I guess I've become more cynical over the years, and with a marketing background, it makes you question the advertisers' message and look through those often clever ploys to grab the reader's attention and attempt to close the sale.
Whilst I give kudos to some of the innovation that Satterleys are introducing, I think it's worthy to question the marketing that is used.

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