Tuesday 9 October 2007

Councillor Sno Bonneau’s Report Card

Fiona Tulip of Kewarra Beach writes a report card for her local Councillor, Sno Bonneau.

She could only think of 14 major community issues on which to evaluate his performance in the last 2 years.

Finally, to get a real measure of his performance, when asked by the Cairns Post (April 2006) as to his greatest achievement, Councillor Bonneau is on record as saying: "seeing the Argentea development at Palm Cove coming to fruition after many years working with the owners.” Wrong answer Councillor Bonneau.

Report Summary: Failed


Anonymous said...

We'd have to give Sno a "fail" rating for his efforts with the rock wall too. Everyone knows that rock walls exacerbate sand loss and make things worse. Why wasn't there consultation on the other options that were put forward to protect the foreshore, road and people's houses? No, Sno went for the quick "fix". Now there's more erosion to the north of the wall and residents and visitors have to look at an ugly monstrosity where once there was a beautiful beach.

Anonymous said...

Can we add here that during the Council rates submissions a few years ago Sno was the second rudest councillor behind You Know Who. He ignorantly toyed with his laptop throughout the proceedings and paid scant regard to submissions. Maybe he was playing computer games or surfing porn, who knows?

Anonymous said...

Q. What is Councillor Bonneau's definition of a wildlife corridor?

A. A highway or road where wallabies and other small creatures become road kill!

Definately a "F"

Anonymous said...

Poor old Sno doesn't seem to have gotten the hint that he has once again been caught out telling fibbies.

After providing him (and this blogsite) with the facts about the "EPA delays" to the sand top up of Clifton Beach he sends a letter to the editor of today's (10/10/07) Cairns Post with same same tired old line. To further diminish his apparently negligible self respect he then tries to throw another pork-pie in about the revegetation program for around the rock wall. OK Sno, lets set the record straight...

Person(s) unknown in Council drew up a landscape plan that covered esplanade area and rock wall with copious amounts of exotic plants, colorful they may be but totally unsuited for the seaside environment and sand. To top it off, most of the plants suggested were real water guzzlers and would have only been sustained by use of imported soils and fightful amounts of watering.

So inappropriate was this plan that council staff from the herbarium and gardens staff with an abundance of experience in such revegetation schemes were aghast at the notion, apparently even pleading and begging their masters for reconsideration of this potentially disasterous proposal.

It is understood that after much anguish, sanity has prevailed somewhere between Martyn Street and Spence Street (perhaps there was a detour via Dunwoody's) and the esplanade behind the wall will be planted with local species suited to thrive in such an environment.

Maybe it was just a case of Sno news is good news.

Anonymous said...

Whats your real name Sno?

Anonymous said...

Someone said once that it used to be Frank Brown.

Obviously that was not good enough for Sno and his political career, such as it is!!!

Anonymous said...

Well how on earth did you become Sno Bonneau?

Anonymous said...

Sno in his election material states that he will try to have the road works for Trinity Beach road brought forward. Traffic calming and a new roundabout are to be built.
He supported the developers application in respect to the old caravan park that makes the road works necessary. In fact he supported an application by the developer that the buildings be built and 60% of the properties sold before the developer has to spend a penny on associated road works to make the area safer. ( courtesy of council engineers and planners) all of this seems to give the developer more consideration that the ratepayers and residents.