Monday 29 October 2007

All we need is love

This just in from Bryan Law...

  • In early 2003, as part of a national and global peace movement, thousands of Cairns residents went public with their opposition to the proposed invasion and occupation of Iraq.

    Prime Minister John Howard labelled us a “mob”, and told serial lies to justify the worst and most despicable foreign policy crime ever committed by Australia. Weapons of Mass Destruction mysteriously disappeared, then it was “regime change” and “building democracy” in Iraq. We “won” and then started losing. Now we’re holding on desperately while chaos spreads. The only constant is the stream of lies coming from our Commonwealth government.

    We have fed terror and war while dragging Australia’s good name through the mud.

    In 2007, John HoWARd and his criminal gang might finally be held accountable for their actions. Iraq is cited in polls again and again as one reason why Australians have stopped listening to Howard, and are about to change governments.

    Peace by Peace is holding a public meeting upstairs at the Cairns RSL on Thursday 1 November at 7.00 pm to help keep this issue in front of voters as we move towards the end of the HoWARd government.

    ALP candidate Jim Turnour will attend to outline Labor policy. Liberal candidate Charlie McKillop has been invited, but so far won’t say yes or no. Other candidates will be invited to speak from the floor. Bryan Law will give an activist perspective on how to develop peace work irrespective of what government is in power.

    If you’re concerned about building a positive culture of peace, and holding the HoWARd government accountable, come to the meeting on Thursday evening and make your feelings known.

Peace Meeting, Thurs 1 November, 7.00 pm, Cairns RSL


Anonymous said...

Geez Bryan, hope the foaming at the mouth didn't get on the keyboard.
If you were looking to write something as a reasoned individual who should be listened to then you missed by a million miles. Lunatics who rant only add strength to the causes they oppose.
Teenagers resort to using capitals in their texts because they lack the word skills to otherwise convey their message.
Given that this “article” is followed by one suggesting the Cairns post is guilty of lazy journalism Mr Moore might want to look up the word “irony”

Anonymous said...

Goodbye John HoWARd. I doubt that even the support of weasels can save you now.

Anonymous said...

Gee law exposed, you really have it in for Bryan haven't you? You even use similar phrases in other postings. Are you a regular stalker or should Bryan be worried???