Thursday 25 October 2007

Anonymous has left a new comment

Anonymous, well one of the many Anonymous posters on here, has asked like a broken record if I'm a naturalised Australian citizen.

He or she or it, would also like to know why I haven't mentioned that I worked for Telstra in my profile. Oh dear, this is breaking news!

He or she or it is also interested to read a transcript of my debate with Robert Muldoon. Really? What for? Is there a transcript available? Didn't Google turn up anything for you?

Well, I don't debate with faceless invisible people. While I'm happy to declare anything, and I've been reasonably public about who I am and my interest and associations, however expect the same in return. Someone that doesn 't have the balls to declare who he/she is, deserves little respect to demand the same in return.

By the way, anyone who knows me or has followed this blog over the last few months, knows the answers to all of the above.


Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous, who cares ? At least Mike has the balls to stand up for whats important. He's a champ !!!

Anonymous said...

Its here and now that counts. Who cares who Mike debated eons ago and on what topic...or where he used to work. I think you are scraping the barrel!