Monday 15 October 2007

Hello from Antarctica

Well, I'm across the ditch presently.

You may have noticed the absence of posting over the last couple of days, but Qantas nor Air New Zealand provides internet connection on board as yet.

Lufhansa already give net access as does JAL between Tokyo and New York. They've discovered that their planes don't fall out of the sky if someone what's to check their email or connect up to

I flew across to Christchurch over the weekend - the "most English city outside of England" we used to say. I haven't been back here since dad's funeral just on 10 years ago.

Suffice to say, I've been catching up with family and slowly adjusting to below zero temps at night, reaching a high of 5. You know, like living on the Tablelands.

So friends, and the other four Unity members, I say hello from distant shores, and apologies for being a mite absent over the last few days. I feel as if we know each other a bit more these days and have missed not chatting with you all.

So, I'm wrapped up here, three layers of fleece, sitting in the corner of my eldest brother's 95 year old New Brighton beach mansion. The LPG heater is blasting away at my side as the morning sun is attacking the crisp grass outside. Doug the Pug is still curled up in the garden room, and I need some brekie.

Hang tight, I'll be back with you in a jiffy.

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