Monday 29 October 2007

This is a story?

I opened up the Weekend Post and saw this "story" that covered three quarters of page 3.
It turns out that it really wasn't a "story" at all. It was merely an advert about the Harbour Lights development.
What a dodgy bit of journalism. When there must be a kizillion community stories to tell, such a huge space is dedicated to some wanky apartment and someone who wants $10K a week to rent it out - not forgetting the Barvirian Motor Works.
This isn't a story at all, but it is presented as one. Displaying a huge photograph of a 60-year-old, dressed in a teenager's hip singlet, with sunglasses on.... ooohh that's another story in itself!
I mean really, who are they kidding? This is nothing more than a shameless advert for the property pages and an apartment block in dire need of some tenants. Nothing more.
Newspapers used to be just that.. papers with NEWS. With a Federal Election here in a few days, there's much to debate and discuss. Yet our main print media used page 3, not for a braless backpacker for a change, but a infomercial!
Whilst I depend on the Post for a local dose of news, this "story" certainly doesn't fall into that category.
Where's the story about Amanda Byrne's lesbian affair? What about the alleged incident of Cr Alan Blake's trip to Korea on a 'fact finding' mission? Where's the tale about Tom Hedley waking up with Anna Bligh sans his trousers? Why Dr Paul Matthews phoned in sick because he caught house flu? Where's the news about the 8 meter Esplanade extensions to Villa Romana... oh, that one was probably true.
I mean, seriously there's a lot of stories to fill up our local newspaper with. Every community has a story to share. Residents and Community meetings around the suburbs are filled with activity and things going on. Issues to respond to, investigate, dodgy developers, good developers, funny stories, sad stories, legacies and reminiscences from our older citizens, why Ian Crossland changed shampoos.
I look forward to the day when there is separation from advertising and strategic business alliances and news.
This story was bought to you by the letters B and C, and the number 6.


Anonymous said...

You are the lowest form of life - no lower than that. How dare you be critical with the malicious, debasing and undignified rubbish you publish.

Anonymous said...

anonymous, it was the thought of Amanda Byrne's lesbian affair that set you orf, wasn't it. RU mates with Paul Goodbody?

Michael, I know the Cairns Post has its quirky provincial moments, and wouldn't survive without real estate. But they did break the story about Amanda Byrne's criminal inclinations. (It's nice to know I've something in common with Kevin apart from girth mirth.

Anonymous said...


You have a choice to read it or not....I suggest you do the latter.

The rest of us have a good laugh and get on with our day.