Saturday 20 October 2007

This week's Caption contest

Like Richie Bates, I'm a mad keen cyclist, and wish I was in town last Wednesday for National Ride to Work day.

Even Locco and the Mayor did it, and thank God, he didn't wear lycra. The Cairns Post's Nelli Pratt, one of their fabbo photographers, captured these two infamous celeb wannabes outside Council Chambers.

Now's your chance to put words in their mouth... I know you wanna. As always, I'll start the ball rolling...

  1. "One suck on this Mike, and you'll never go back!"
  2. "What do you mean, I've been on a few bikes Kev??"
  3. "Yeah, those shorts were made out of an old tea towel from a luncheon"
  4. "Margaret was going to come too, but I won't let her play with the boys anymore"
  5. "Yeah, let's go play 'find the cycling paths' ! "
  6. ....your turn...


Anonymous said...

i see Locco remembered to bring his towel whereas with Bryne, Councilor Terry James is nowhere to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Locco "All dressed up and nowhere to go hey KB?"
KB " If I do some serious backpeddling I might just get myself out of the sh*t and keep my job"
Locco " No chance...your too far gone for that KB"

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I've got my budgie smugglers caught in the front brakes!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Locco! How does this thing work again?

Anonymous said...

Just let me get the last drag out of this roach... damn now I'm hungry!!!