Monday 29 October 2007

Something from Selwyn

As a "prize' for the most votes in last week's poll, we invited Selwyn Johnston to drop us a note...
  • The political landscape in Australia is currently undergoing a long overdue change. At last a shift in attitude within the community is becoming apparent… people are seriously questioning what their elected politicians are actually doing, who they represent, and are they really worth voting for.

    Selwyn Johnston, an Independent Candidate for Leichhardt, is a seventh generation Australian and a fourth generation Queenslander, is significantly concerned at the decline in Australia's way of life over the past 25 or so years.

    He is married and has two grown sons. He is a small business owner, publishes 'The Countryman', a successful Independent Queensland community newspaper, and is a qualified computer systems analyst and administrator. He is politically aware, politically active, and has NEVER been a member of any political party.

    Selwyn is known nationally through his award winning 'International VoteNet' political WebSite, which is a regular source of information for many incumbent politicians. This site is regularly updated and contains articles on current issues of interest together with comment and assessment.

    Selwyn’s campaign blog also has a wealth of information on issues, which will, or do, affect the residents of Leichhardt.

    In short, Selwyn has 'runs on the board' as he has well and truly established his credibility.
    The presence of Independent Parliamentary Representatives such as Selwyn Johnston in Federal Parliament are urgently needed to truly represent their fellow Queenslanders, and to oppose the current decline bought about by party politicians and unelected bureaucrats.

    To achieve electoral success at the coming election, Selwyn seeks your support.

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