Monday 1 October 2007

Can you stay in Australia?

Today the rather draconian citizenship tests starts.

Australian Democrats leader Lyn Allison has mocked the "stupid" test on YouTube.

She says it's "ludicrous to deny someone citizenship because they did not know golden wattle is the nation's floral emblem." And I agree.

We should be looking at the qualities and strengths a multi-cultural society brings to respecting difference and embracing diversity.

Plus, when a Kiwi moves to Australia, it improves the IQ of both countries.

Alison said the test was designed to make Australians feel under threatened by foreign invaders and also suggests that the test seems to justify reintroducing military conscription by asking if the candidate for citizenship would fit.

Here's the resource book (Becoming an Australian Citizen) and you can take a sample test here tutorials and practice test.

And here's Senator Alison slagging off the test...


Anonymous said...

Mike, I did the practice test.....I was worried.
I dont know how many runs Warnie has scored, nor how many women...and I dont know how many beers I can fit in my esky,or which horse won the Melbourne Cup in 1967.
But I did the test anyway.....and SURPRISE SURPRISE I got 5 out of 5!! Good thing I did, as I was born here !!

Anonymous said...

I would have to say that I dont have a problem in this test for new immigrants. As the old saying goes, "when in rome, do as the Romans do" .. I dont want to sound racist, but, how many new Australians know how Australia came to being. For that matter, how many can speak English. With some countries around the world, you have to abide by all their laws, and religions. How many times do you see in Melbourne, where different racial groups riot amongst themselves. I recall the words of a well known song. Iam, You are, We are Australian. If new immigrants dont know or want to know how Australia was born, and be part of that, maybe they shouldnt be here.

Anonymous said...

should this test not be given to people BEFORE they enter australia to live ??? Should it not be part of gaining a visa to visit another country to know important aspects of life in another country ??