Tuesday 16 October 2007

Another questionable development pushed ahead

Only weeks after a successful challenge against flight paths from the sensitive new age yuppies on the Cairns Esplanade, Council has givien the go ahead for another unit block nearby.

Again, under the flight path, despite many concerns about soundproofing.

Mayor Byrne was angry that it was taken to court because of similar high-rises nearby.

Queensland Transport challenged the building approval for a 76 unit, 5 story apartment building. The challenge was in relation to noise concerns and stated in their submission that it should have been been raised in the approval process with Council.

Developers Benchmark won the approval in the Planning and Environment court to build the five-storey block at the northern end of the Esplanade. Benchmark commenced legal action against Cairns City Council and two government departments.

At least two other developments around the same area would now be considered by Council.

Queensland Transport objected due to flight path proximity, and Council was forced to reverse its original approval given a year ago.

Byrne also stated that “over zealous public servants will now look at the practicality and sensibility of their attitudes before making such ridiculous decisions.”


Anonymous said...

The Cairns City Council has a Law that if any of it's emplyees get caught on "DUI" whilst driving a council car they automatically get sacked,so how come this does not apply to council employees that are under contract like Mr Denis Quick,Little bird told me that Mr Quick got cought about 12 months back and nothing done about, Is Mr Quick above the LAW.
Answer that one Mr Byrne

Anonymous said...

Also ask Mr Quick why he up and moved to Cairns from Townsville ??

Anonymous said...

You are right Anonymous,Dennis Quick was charged with DUI some time back,however he is a close pal of KB,who I understand obtained
Quicks job for him in Council,it is to be hoped he goes out with KB at the next election.