Monday 22 October 2007

Catch the bastards

The Weekend Post has reported that Customs nabbed a Trinity beach perve.
One area I have little tolerance for is the area of child porn or child related harm.
In the US, child predators, as they are called, are pursued with a passion and on TV, with great theatre.
Perverted Justice are an online watchdog group that work in conjunction with the local coppers and set up controversial entrapment houses, to lure these weirdos in, complete with child actors playing the 11 year old that they supposedly chatted to in a chat room.
To Catch a Predator is on-the-edge TV, but is necessary work.
There should be no sympathy for crimes or breaches of trust when it involves an adult who always has power of the powerless.


Anonymous said...

Nothing that a good flogging would not fix, like they did in the old days. Not too many would go back for seconds in my opinion, not like these days, no real punishment and they are back out on the streets in no time, ruining thousands of young lives!

Anonymous said...

I have no particular brief for child molestors, vampires, suicide bombers or the subject of any of Mr Murdoch's moral panics (except for the Palestinians... I just can't stop myself thinking well of them - it's the old radical in me that can't stop believing people already subjected to 60 years of brutal foreign occupation deserve a better deal as opposed to utter immiseration).

I do, however, have one simple question in this case.

Has this guy, who is featured in a full page photo in the Cairns Post, reproduced here, been charged with an offence? (I can't read the small print so i can't tell)

If so, is he expected to receive a fair trial?

Or don't we care about that anymore - because we've already decided, courtesy of the Murdoch press, that he's a 'bastard' and 'bastards' don't deserve civil liberties?