Tuesday 16 October 2007

250,000 homes wind-powered

Contact Energy, a New Zealand energy company, today unveiled a mammoth wind farm that will stretch along 40 kilometers south of Port Waikato, on the west coast of the North Island.

The energy demand is growing at about 2% pa and New Zealand needs large amounts of new generation. Renewable sources have been a focus of a number of energy companies.

This project is a joint venture with a local wind farm developer. 70 land owners will support the project, to host the turbines, in areas of mainly pastoral Waikato farmland.

The Waikato wind farm will be known as Hauāururaki, meaning ‘north west wind’.

The wind farm area extends from Port Waikato along the remote western coast of the Waikato region to Te Akau South and is up to eight kilometres wide.

The project has the potential to generate enough renewable electricity to power up to 250,000 homes and will play an important role in meeting New Zealand’s energy security and climate change goals.


Anonymous said...

Kevin Byrnes wind could power all of Cairns and surrounding districts...couldnt it?

Anonymous said...

Amazing story thou... such a energy source could power all of the current Cairns and Douglas population.

Yet we continue to build apartments and them fill them with air cons in almost every room!

What happened to designing a Queenslander style smaller house that embraced the wind and air flow with louvers on most sides?

Anonymous said...

what happens Paul is money. In Australia even labor talks about "clean coal", and those coal companies are gonna clean up the $ in carbon sequestration.

Nationally and in Queensland we fail to invest strategically in low-emission transport and ebergy.

Australians are sheep.

Hey Michael, what's the go with the "anti-terror" raids against "peace" groups in your beloved isles? Has Osama bin hidin among the sheep over there?