Tuesday 30 October 2007

Bouquet deserved

The Cairns Post, and related publications, took home a raft of awards at the Queensland Multi Media Awards, and as our predominant local print media in the region, and the people behind it, I offer my congratulations.

Congrats to:-
  • Caitriona Murtagh for her story exposing problems at the emergency department of Cairns Base Hospital, for which she was awarded the "best daily news story".
  • Tableland News Ltd photographer Jennifer Eliot, deservedly won "best news photograph" capturing the stunning image of the Watsonville farm fire.
  • Photographer Chris Scott, won the award for best editorial image/photograph in Cairns Eye.
  • Sub- editor Shannon Du Plessis won best media coverage" about environmental issues in the Weekender.
  • Graphic artist Richard Wattimena for best advertisement for Perfect Match campaign.
  • Roz Pulley, from The Cairns Sun won best non-daily story about first female commanding officer of HMAS Cairns.


Anonymous said...

TCP is a poor excuse for a paper.

I know at least one local high school that spends a whole sememester of the critical english curriculum analysing the numerous breaches of the Aus Journalists' Assoc 'Code of Ethics.'

If it weren't the only full scale paper in Cairns - I wouldn't read it.

What a rag.

Anonymous said...

With such a succinct and noble approach, Gavin King's on his way up in my business.

Anonymous said...

Rupert, I said it first, Gavin just pinched it from me.

Anonymous said...

Even better

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of those "winners" nominated themselves, which seems to be par for courses these days.