Sunday 30 December 2007

Quick as the come, they go

Oh no, the wrong guy has been fired, I mean quit his job in the plush mayoral chambers...

Dennis Quick, the Mayor's sidekick (called his 'assistant') is leaving the hallowed halls of privilege and returning to Fishery Falls, but not to fish. Oh no.

After trips to China on the residents' purse, Quick highlights the "appearance of the city", and it's "reputation as a livable place" as things the mayor has achieved.

Quick also noted that the Mayor's achievements were his "ecological sustainable pursuits." Get me a bucket someone, please.

And why wouldn't Denis talk about his own achievements? Well good question you say. The Cairns Post put it down to his "typical fashion", as he'd rather focus on his boss.

There is much to make of the mayor's loyal foot soldiers, and their background. One only has to look into his past and the episode in Townsville a few years back. More on that when everyone returns from their holidays.

Army mates stick together like GWB to WMDs, as it also seems, from another of the Mayor's employees that has been active in voicing his democratic right that we've extended to him here on CairnsBlog.

Evidently being ex-military is a primary pre-requisite to achieving in local body politics.

Under the anon name of "Factman", he says:
  • Leadership is needed.
    Ex. Army Majors and experienced ex. Mayors can provide that leadership.
    There are many hard decisions to be made and these decisions need to be made quickly, and with sound judgement.
    If not Cairns will suffer.
    Be very careful how you vote next Cairns Regional Council election.

It's a sad day when this is the best defence the incumbent mayor and his loyal lads can put up to retaining the same build-em-up mentality.

They also now infamously employ the tactic of using legal action to silence open debate about issues that are of importance to the community. This has to cease.

Dennis Quick was the Council go-between in the legal action Mayor Byrne took out to silence CairnsBlog from debating his 7 or more all-expenses paid trips to China on our money. It was this forum that asked many questions about the purpose of this Council to spend such large amount on money and send a load of officials there every year. Year in, year out. And what did they do? Give us the answers? No sir ree!

Anyway, there's a lot more to the China Syndrome in the Mayor's office than you've heard so far, and we'll be sharing that with you in the New Year.

I should also acknowledge all the many supporters that donated to the CairnsBlog Fighting Fund to back our right for free speech in this town.

Like Howard, and Brendon Nelson virtually confirmed this after the Federal election, Byrne and what's left in his ratpack, have simply run out of ideas. There's no innovative thinking. There's no plan for the future or engaging the community to seek our input to how this town should be shaped.

All we see is an abuse of power and twists and turns when it comes to those that want to have their way on land they have purchased.

These ill-thought out multi-story apartment complexes, now sprawling in many communities, have to be curtailed.

To suggest that Council and the developers are coming to the rescue of the poor and underprivileged to give them affordable housing, is the worst insult an appointed official can espouse.

Their time is up and it's long overdue for a big change of direction in this once beautiful town we call Cairns.


Anonymous said...

Hear hear Mike, well said. I know you have lots more up your sleeve to let the Cairns public know about the very dodgy exploits of Byrne. Looking forward to reading them. I notice this blog has now had over 35000 hits, and growing fast. Given most of the comments are very anti-Byrne, its not looking good for him if you take this as an indicator of Cairns' voting intentions. Yes, this blog is set up to be anti-Byrne, so it is a very biased poll, but how many readers are undecided when visiting this blog. If they weren't when they first visited you could say that after reading these stories they would certainly be persuaded more likely to NOT vote for Byrne. So with 35000 hits already, and still 2.5 months to the election, how much of the Cairns population will read this blog, and further be persuaded to get rid of this council. Given there are only 70000 odd voters in Cairns, its not looking good for Byrne. I believe we'll hear a lot more from Val Schier once this campaign starts to pump up, and will persuade a lot of the undecided who are yet to know a lot about her.

Anonymous said...

So Dennis Quick is leaving or has he been pushed?
I was in the unfortunate position of having to do some Council business with this little fellow some time back.I found him to be full of himself,no manners to speak of,and very rude.In fact He was so rude I had to hold myself back from sitting him on his tail.
He should never be allowed to be in a front office position dealing with people.

Anonymous said...

Like other cities around the world, Cairns should develop its own policy of reducing carbon emissions in this city. As an international tourist city, visited by overseas tourists in their hundreds of thousands, we cannot ignore the issue of global warming.
Being "progressive" is NOT about approving hundreds of ugly, high rise towers of over-priced mousehole sized slums.
It means, in this age of Kyoto, being more environmentally responsible.

Anonymous said...

Only 75 days left to the council elections!! Where is everyone? Why hasn't the campaign started?
Come on, come on. Candidates should be OUT THERE, door knocking, campaigning, putting their heads up, giving voters a chance to know what they are about.

Anonymous said...

Dennis Quick might have been a "go-between", but you rolled over like a dead whale when "threatened" with legal action (admit it, there was no 'LEGAL ACTION", just threats to do so). You do know what real "legal action" looks like, don't you Michael?

And funny how you continue to ignore the squeals of laughter that greet you when walking around town.

Legal action didn't silence you Moore, you folded like a cheap tent.

Anonymous said...

i resent the attack on my integrity and character.

Anonymous said...

The comment by Heat in the Kitchen typifies what appears to be an inherent culture in our Council. It is that nastiness that most people want eradicated. If you speak out about Council, you get the legal letter. Litigation is expensive for those who do not have unlimited resources at their fingertips. Making an apology is not tantamount to "rolling over". it says more for the strength of character of the person apologising than it does for those using bully tactics in the first place.
How about an apology from heat in the kitchen to all the tents out there, cheap or otherwise. Many of these tents come from good homes and provide low cost accomodation for the less affuent in our society.