Saturday 8 December 2007

Sacking sad Santa

So they ditched the big fat out of touch white guy this week. No, not the mayor... Santa Claus!

Annual Santa fraudster, John Oakes said Myers department store decided that he was either yelling at Manunda chicks or Edgehill queens when he shouted "Ho, Ho, Ho".

I mean, what was he thinking? It's just not cricket is it?

To be fair to Myer, he was warned and this type of archaic behaviour belongs in the past, not in today's world of modern day sensitivities and pc adults thinking what is best for children. No doubt so they are protected from nightmares and thoughts of more Kiwis moving to the far north of Queensland.

Personally, I don't really subscribe to all the Xmas stuff. I reckon anyone who you love or is dear to you, shouldn't have to wait until December 25th every year in the expectation of a present and a forced thank you.

Giving and thanking should be a part of your everyday life. However, maybe I owe Mayor Kevin a present this year, to say thanks for all the work he's done on our marketing team?

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Anonymous said...

The photo comes from Mr S Claus Vs Nz Govt, an email doing the rounds. Quite funny.