Wednesday 19 December 2007

Pogues sing original song

There's a storm brewing in London.

BBC's Radio 1 said the word "faggot" will remain in a popular Christmas song after the mother of the song's singer Kirsty MacColl intervened.

In Fairytale of New York, which is now 20 years old, Irish band the Pogues exclaims "You scumbag, you maggot. You cheap lousy faggot".

BBC wanted to edit out the word "faggot" each time the song was played because it was deemed offensive.

However after MacColl's mother and fans complained, they said the decision was wrong.

"Radio 1 does not play homophobic lyrics or condone bullying of any kind," they said. "It is not always easy to get this right, mindful of our responsibility to our young audience. The unedited version will be played from now on."

Fairytale of New York has been voted best Christmas song in many polls.

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