Monday, 31 December 2007

Robert never sleeps

My good friend Robert Pyne is using up every spare minute before the end of the year.
He's just published his 8th community newsletter in a bid to secure support to represent Division 3 in the new Cairns Regional Council.
Here's his latest Rock Newsletter, which covers issues in White Rock, Mt Sheridan and Woree and Bayview. Email Robert if you'd like to join his e-list.
Undoubtedly Robert has the command of the southern suburbs with his attention to effective communication, impassioned spirit and dedication to challenging the flaws he sees in his community.
Whoever runs against Robert in this Division will have a formidable task to gain the amount of attention and support Robert has gained over the last 6 months.
Robert is always keen to put local issues or info in his widely circulated newsletter. His focus is on community-building.


Anonymous said...

There will be some outstanding independents running in the council election in March. Make sure we change council, make your vote count.

Anonymous said...

Whoever decides to stand, why aren't they out there campaigning NOW!!!

Jude J Troublemaker said...

The Amalgamation has thrown the cat among the pidgeons. Clifton Beach and Palm Cove are included in with Port Douglas. Our current councillor has jumped ship and gone to Div 9. Can a candidate from Clifton Beach/Palm Cove realistically contest the seat with current councillors from Port Douglas? I guess that is why our Councillor has decided he has more chance of gettng elected inDiv 9.
Can we have a list of who has currently thrown their hats in the ring to contest all the divisions. Who is running in Div 9 against Councillor Bonneau, anyone?

Anonymous said...

For the sake of Kewarra Beach, Trinity Beach, Trinity Park and Smithfield and Lake Placcid, lets hope there is an alternative! Otherwise, its open slather for Bonneau to reap the same havoc all over again, in a fresh patch ie Smithfield and Lake Placcid.
Watch out Smithfield and Lake Placid, you have been warned by those who have experienced his deceit and lack of community engagement first hand, and we are only to pleased to see the back of him. Get ready for 5 storey Glencorp shitboxes in every street, with the preliminary rumours that its all going to be a retirement village or nursing home (that is one of his favourite furfies to lure you all into a false sense of security...)

Perhaps Bonneau can move down there to live as well. Apart from his developer friends, I am sure he has run out of friends in Clifton!

Anonymous said...

Who is standing for Division One,
the current councillor is surely a de-facto menber of the Byrne team.
We need some new blood in this division.