Monday 24 December 2007

Your meaning of Christmas

  • What does Christmas mean to you?

  • What will you be doing tomorrow?

  • Where will you 'celebrate' the day?

  • Do you avoid get involved in the whole affair?

  • Do you think giving is driven by commercial marketing other than a real desire to acknowledge others who are important to you?

  • Do you simply like the time away from work?

Drop down your comments and share with everyone...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How will I be spending Christmas ... most people will call me very very boring .. but I will answer the questions posted.

1/ Christmas to me means getting together with family and loved ones.

2/ Tomorrow, I will be sitting beside someone elses pool, doing absolutely nothing at all.

3/ I will be spending the day at a friends Bed and Breakfast. I will let you know which one after I leave, then you can all come past and have a look at it and not disturb me.

4/I do try to avoid getting roped into the whole Christmas thing. I think it is too commercialised. But, a few very dear friends get into it, so I let them get into it, and I just kick back, and stay out of the road.

5/Christmas today is certainly driven by commercial marketing. The true feeling of chritmas is lost today by all but a very few. I will be spending tomorrow with 5 people who mean the world to me. and that is what makes it special to me.

6/These days, I have very little time away from work. So, to be able to escape for 36 hours is definately a good thing.

On a final note, I would love to wish everyone who reads a very very Merry and Safe Christmas. That even goes to you too Kev. Everyone deserves at least that.