Sunday 17 August 2008

Loving a park bench

41 year old Le Xing Man was in pain late last week after humping a park bench in Hong Kong, late at night.

He's lucky to still have a penis after he became stuck, doctors say. At least a dozen police and emergency services workers were called after he became "aroused". He told police he thought it would be fun to have sex with the bench, the Telegraph said. News crews descended on the park to film the rescue effort, as you'll see in the video.


Anonymous said...

An important story that probes the fine line been pleasure and pain.

I imagine this kind of report sounds the final death knell for the Cairns Post.

It hit rock bottom for poor taste long ago... while CairnsBlog is still descending, with no apparent limit in view :-)

Anonymous said...

I notice Googleads helpfully serves an ad for park benches next to the article.

But is it a safe design and has it been thoroughly tested?