Thursday 14 August 2008

Face Baulk

I don't have a Facebook page. Nor a MySpace.

I dunno why, as a heap of my friends do. I really can't get into the whole thing. I recall during the run up to the Council election, Val recommended all her candidates to set one up, as yet another way to network and connect.

This week the Daily Telegraph revealed that NSW Nationals leader Andrew Stoner has a Facebook profile and was exposed telling off his teenage daughter after she posted her drunken party photos to the world. One photo showed her passed out, and another one on a toilet. Andrew Stoner's Facebook profile was connected to his daughter's with the comment "not cool Gem".

Then there's former Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer has also had a Facebook moment. His daughter Olivia posted snaps of dad and mum when they were in London. "Why so pompous?" her brother Edward commented online. "Dad or the house?" Oliva replied, and Edward said "Dad."

Meanwhile, Rhys Uhlich, a 24 year old teacher at Sacred Heart Primary School in Melbourne, has created a storm after his photos circulated after appearing on Make Me a Supermodel. He also had his party pics all over his facebook pages.

"I find it funny that all of these people are commenting on me, saying I'm a terrible role model, and yet none of them have ever been into my classroom and watched me teach and see how I interact with the kids," he told NewsLtd. Already over 200 comments have poured in about the controversy.

Then there was Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice who had a Facebook controversy when photos revealed her wild party side.

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