Sunday 31 August 2008

Limited news, from Cairns to Alaska

CairnsBlog favourite guest writer, Syd Walker pronounces Thomas Jefferson's famous line: 'If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.'
With that in mind, it's rather apt that he's putting out a challenge to the Cairns Post. Lord help us.

Here’s a lovely juicy scandal story.

I can’t vouch that it’s true – but if so, it’s rather big news.

It’s not the kind of ‘news’ I usually bother myself with, as it is salacious and concerned with hypocrisy, humbug, sex and so-called ‘family values’. I usually prefer to discuss issues, not tittle-tattle. When I showed it to a friend this morning, she was rather shocked. Why is my head in the gutter today?

What’s more, for all I know, the story is false. Perhaps it’s a deliberate bogus story, designed to discredit anyone who latches onto it and inoculate the victim against further rumours? Stranger things - much stranger things – have happened during US Presidential campaigns.

There is, however, a publisher who specializes in this kind of muck raking - depending on the target. He’s not the only publisher who does so, of course, but this guy has turned muckraking - including the premature reporting of stories which prove to be bogus - into a global art-form.

His name is Rupert Murdoch. He owns a few newspapers – quite a few, actually. He even owns the main rag in Cairns, which epitomizes his tawdry world-wide brand.

If the editor of the Cairns Post wants 15 minutes of fame, I invite him to run this salacious story on tomorrow morning’s front page. I suspect Mr Alexander won’t last long in the Murdoch Empire if he does this, but it would certainly make his name. Momentarily, he’ll be better known than any of the pathetic, puffed-up, overpaid hacks who are his many counterparts around this continent and the world.

What story? You really want to know?

If so, head over to the Daily Kos where you’ll find some nice light reading for a Sunday afternoon. If you wish, add your comment to the 1300+ posted so far.

And remember, if you're a Cairns local you (probably) read this first in CairnsBlog.

The Cairns Post – along with every other cribsheet produced by His Masters Voice around the world – will almost certainly drop the ball on a story of this kind. They won’t even sniff around its ankles.

They just don’t want to know – and they certainly don’t want you to know.

What would it take before Murdoch and his minions embarrass a powerful and very useful Zionist fanatic like “Bomb, bomb Iran” McCain?

If McCain drops his pants during a Presidential debate, would Fox News report it? What if McCain whacks Palin on the head with an iron bar - in public - for deceiving his vetting team?

Would the Cairns Post, the Courier Mail, the Australian, the Wall Street Journal, the Times of London or any of Mr Murdoch's other organs feature such a story? I doubt it.

Each of them lies squarely within the News Limited Zone – and take their corporate identity seriously.


Anonymous said...

Would they ever run the story of Murdoch's Chinese wife, Wendy? Bwah hahahahahah, oh ha ha ha ha. You have to read it. Christ, I laughed.

Anonymous said...

How about Cindy McCain's lies about how "Mother Theresa asked her to care for a baby with a hare-lip?" Revealed as yet another great lie. Cindy McCain never met Mother Theresa.

Anonymous said...

Syd, mate, it was run a day ago on the most prominent News Ltd blog site.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the latest anonymous commentator, who points out that no lesser personage than Andrew Bolt (yes, THE Andrew Bolt!) ran the same story earlier this weekend, within his Murdoch-sanctioned blog.

Gosh! I don't follow that revolting torrent of bigotry on a daily basis; there's just so much I can tolerate. So I had missed Bolt's report and I'm grateful it was called to my attention.

Here's the entire text of Andrew Bolt's 'report', in all its glory:

An astonishing low, even for the Daily Kos:

But it appears that Pallin’s last child, a baby with Down’s syndrome, may not be hers. It may be that of her teenage daughter.

Vile, vile, vile. What makes the Left think it’s the natural home of compassion and big hugs?

There we have it.

Palin mis-spelt 'Pallin' - so the article will typically not be found via search engines. Deliberate - or just Andrew's regular sloppy journalism? Who knows?

Bolt serves up a one line put down of the story and - of course - he vilifies the messenger.

Now that's great coverage, News Limited! Good work chaps! Cheers, Andy. Good onya Rup!

Forgive me please if I harbour the 'conspiracy theory' that had the woman in this story been Joe Biden's wife, the entire Murdoch Empire would be frothing rabidly at the bit and we'd be hearing about little else, even in News Orleans as the storm approaches...

Of course, I don't have a shred of evidence to support such an outrageous suggestion. Andrew Bolt is a serious journalist and a very fine fellow. His passion for the truth is legendary. His publisher is well-known as the Baron of Investigative Journalism.

Myself, I'm a mere mortal. Clearly I have no right to question the credibility of these great and mighty folk. Perhaps I'll wash my mouth out and go back to writing limericks...

How's about this?

There once was a blogger called Bolt
Whose readers began to revolt
When they found he told lies
They blackened his eyes
And re-christened him Mr A Dolt

Or this:

A fellow called Murdoch unfurled
A plan to take over the world
But in his later years
All his schemes turned to tears
Kos when Rupert says 'Straight' it means 'Curled'

Anonymous said...

Dear Old Syd. Hasn't the most recent political sexual scandal actually been that the liberal left US media ignored everything to do with John Edwards now exposed sexual forays while he was a democratic candidate while, notably and I beleive regrettably retracted the leftish NY Times chose to go after McCain on an allegation since proven a crock of shit?

Anonymous said...

Can you cut and paste examples of Bolts alleged bigotry Syd?

I don't agree with Bolt most of the time however you have been more bigoted here than he has i think?

Anonymous said...

Syd, you dickhead!

The spelling of Pallin rather than Palin on that link is actually a direct quote from your kostic kosmonaut friends at Daily Koz rather than anything to do with Bolt.

Tin hats on! Prepare for Kosmic rays!

Anonymous said...


In response to your second comment, in which you call me a rather rude name, please present your evidence.

I just did a text-search on the page from the Daily Kos I cited before ( HERE ). I searched for 'Pallin'. My search drew a blank. On that basis, I'd have to say your comment was untrue. The spelling 'Pallin' was not borrowed from the Daily Kos article. It seems to be Bolt's own handiwork.

I'll respond to your previous challenge in a separate comment, for clarity' sake...

Anonymous said...



That's gotta hurt, mate.

Love your gracious admission that you were wrong, too.

Stay classy, Syd! LOL.

--Colorado Jim

Anonymous said...

P.S. I saw it on Bolt's site yesterday too. The spelling of "Pallin" was a straight cut 'n' paste from Kos as it stood yesterday - maybe Kos've changed it since then without putting an edit note (like the klassy kids they are?) - check the google cache.

--Colorado Jim (still laughin')

Anonymous said...

In his/her first comment, Theristes asked for examples of Bolts alleged bigotry.

I guess one person's bigotry is another's 'normalcy'.

I happen to disagree with much (not all) of what Andrew Bolt apparently finds normal. He's a clever wordsmith - and helps crafts public opinion via his columns and talking head appearances. I believe he helps foster false consciousness that has dangerous consequences for humanity as a whole and contributes significantly to unnecessary human suffering.


I'd say Bolt meets my criteria for one-eyed, subtle bigotry just about every time he opens his mouth or bangs on his keyboard to discuss:

- the 'American alliance'
- the so-called 'War on Terror'
- civil liberties
- Israel, Palestine and the Middle East as a whole
- the numerous illegal, unprovoked wars of the Anglo-American rogue States
- some of the finest progressive gestures of the new Rudd Government such as the apology
- justice for indigenous people
- global warming
- environmentalism
- ... and lots more

Bolt is a reactionary attack-dog who presents as a fearless critic of unaccountable power, but in reality he’s a poodle for seriously unaccountable power. In that sense, he's a phony.

Over three three decades, I've read reactionary garbage, such as Bolt's output, in Murdoch newspapers on several continents. I've seen the magnate use his power to glorify and promote wars, from the Falklands to Iraq.

During that time, I've observed that the Palestinians have been screwed over and screwed over, again and again. This has been made possible by the incessant biased filth that characters like Bolt produce, which makes brutal, heavily militarized apartheid in the Holy Land seem 'normal'. I've seen precious time lost in fighting global warming because pundits like Bolt, using populist sophistry, helped to white-ant progressive initiatives. And so on... and so on.

Please excuse me if, every now and again, I register a complaint.

Now here's a challenge to Bolt - and to the Cairns Post - and to any of Rupert Murdoch's minions around the world…

Just prior to the illegal invasion of Iraq - an invasion based on false information promoted vigorously by the Murdoch Empire inter alia - the Guardian newspaper carried the following report:

“Rupert Murdoch has given his full backing to war, praising George Bush as acting "morally" and "correctly" and describing Tony Blair as "full of guts" for going out on a limb in his support for an attack on Iraq.
The media tycoon, who has developed a close relationship with the prime minister, said he was full-square behind Mr Bush and Mr Blair, who are now facing critical opposition from Germany and France over war.
Mr Murdoch described the prime minister's stance as "extraordinarily courageous" but branded the Labour party as a hotbed of "knee-jerk anti-Americanism".
But in an intriguing insight into the mind of the man who wields such influence over British media, Mr Murdoch revealed that while he opposes Gordon Brown's leftwing politics he described him as "more of a friend" than Mr Blair.
He reiterated that the "greatest thing to come out of this [war]" would be cheap oil, which he believes would benefit the world economy more than any tax cut ever could.
………. Mr Murdoch said the price of oil would be the war's main benefit on the world economy.
"The greatest thing to come out of this for the world economy, if you could put it that way, would be $20 a barrel for oil. That's bigger than any tax cut in the any country."
Today a barrel of Brent crude costs $31.68…”

That article was published on February 11th 2003.

Would Andrew Bolt, Philip Adams or ANYONE on Murdoch’s payroll, please now write an article explaining just how woefully inaccurate Mr Murdoch’s predictions have turned out to be?

Could they please inquire into how a man so intelligent that he runs an ever-expanding global media Empire could be so blatantly and foolishly wrong about this matters?

Could they also note, for their readers, that a substantial body of opinion believes Mr Murdoch was not innocently mistaken at the time. No way. Murdoch’s spurious arguments in favour of war were deliberate acts of deception.

When Murdoch played up to the greed of the western public for even cheaper oil, that was the least of his crimes. Hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed in Iraq since the 2003 invasion. Millions have fled their homes. These are crimes against humanity. Murdoch and his acolytes promoted this slaughter of innocents and helped to bully ill-informed, shallow and easily corruptible politicians into supporting murderous wars. Indeed, they still do. In my book, that’s a crime too.

We should face up to the reality, in my opinion, that the people who effectively control the western mass media are effectively murderers. In a sane and just global society, they'd be on trial for their crimes.

If it's bigotry to say that, I plead guilty. I'd rather be labeled a bigot than allow myself to 'adjust' to insane, unjust and world-endangering norms.

Anonymous said...

Jeebus, buddy. Your foamin' at the mouth now.

And what's with the SCARE QUOTES around "American Alliance"?

Are you disputing that there is indeed a alliance between Australia and America? Then who was that funny little bloke who, while roaming aimlessly at a recent NATO gathering, suddenly threw that crazy half-assed boyscout salute at GWB, and what do you reckon he thinks about whether or not there's an Australian-American Alliance (see, no scare quotes, that didn't hurt did it)...?

Anonymous said...

I'll reply to people willing to post under their own names, but no more clarifications for Murdoch apologists who won't even identify themselves.

By the way, nice to see you guys working hard late on a Sunday evening. I trust you get triple time for such effort?

Anonymous said...

"By the way, nice to see you guys working hard late on a Sunday evening."

It's actually Sunday morning where I am. And no, no "triple-time". Just a good ol' for-free belly-laugh at yet another ridiculous tin-hatted Leftard.

~~lookout for them black helicopters!~~

--Colorado Jim

Anonymous said...

the Anglo-American rogue States

P.S. What qualifies as an "Anglo-American rogue State"? Iowa? Rhode Island? Arkansas? They got their own flags an' all, or what?

"Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats*," right?

Gotta go mow the lawn - keep that tin foil hat shined up good, hear?


Anonymous said...

Leftard? Is that another smartarse Americanism for the purpose of insulting people who actually think? Last thing anyone needs on their website is postings by dumb as F**k loud mouthed Right Wing Americans.

Anonymous said...

Syd, old mate, go here:

This is the same link from Bolt's blog direct to the Daily Kos. The paragraph that was cut and pasted from Daily Kos with the Pallin spelling is still there and I just cut and pasted it again here in case you cant find it with your search. It's the 2nd paragraph mate, right near the top of the page!

"But it appears that Pallin's last child, a baby with Down's syndrome, may not be hers. It may be that of her teenage daughter."

Anonymous said...

Andrew Bolt is still pissing his pants over Saddam's "weapons of mass destruction."

Anonymous said...

What a totally excellent tabloid newspaper story. Never mind that none of the "facts" have been proven true. It should go front and centre, even if it is just rumour and innuendo at this stage.
And despite the fact it has now emerged the daughter's photo with the pot belly wat taken in 2006. Long pregnancy that.
Never let the truth get in the way of a good story, as they say in the tabloids.
And blogsites it now seems...

Anonymous said...

I think the lot of you would enjoy a movie called 'outfoxed'. Fantastic doco on Fox 'news' network.

Anonymous said...

In the light of some recent comments, I re-read the article to make sure I actually wrote what I thought I wrote. I did.

Speculation about whether this story is true or false - a tale that one wag adroitly labeled 'Water Breakgate' - is of some interest. But it is beside my point. If anyone succeeds in disproving the baby-swap story, that doesn't refute my main propositions. 'Water Breakgate' is not a story I particularly care to promote. I have an open mind on its veracity. I clearly acknowledged (see paragraph 4) that it may be a trap. Then again...

My beef is with mass media bias - especially (but not only) bias on the part of the News Limited Empire.

I don't care much, if at all, whether Ms Palin senior or junior bore a child recently.

I do care that the mass media investigates and reports in a way which is balanced and fair.

The fact that 'balanced and fair' happens to be the slogan of Fox News, Mr Murdoch's US-based TV network, is best summed up by a remark made last week by John Pilger on Q & A.

It's 'beyond satire'.

Anonymous said...

Would it be "balanced and fair" to the 16-year-old daughter to be publishing unsubstantiated internet conspiracy theories that she had given birth to the child, if it can't be proven as true?
If that were your daughter, how would you feel about it then?

The whole thing seems nasty and petty minded to me. It must be absolutely awful for that young schoolgirl, knowing there are sleazy old guys out there on the net peddling this distasteful, hurtful rubbish about her.

Anonymous said...

Palin has just confirmed her 17 year old daughter is currently pregnant. Curiouser and curiouser.

Anonymous said...

Re above by Anon:
Reported first by - owned by Uncle Rupert.
See here,23599,24280289-5012572,00.html

Anonymous said...

Sounds a typical dysfunctional American family. Baby with downs syndrome is thrown to a Nanny after three weeks of media publicity, the gist of which was for self-promotion and to push the anti-abortion line, loved by American fundies. Neglected teenage daughter looks for a bit of love and affection somewhere........

Anonymous said...

Quoting the highly biased and partisan John Pilger as an objective reference on media bias is indeed well beyond satire!

Anonymous said...

Syd - you have egg on your face. The Courier Mail ran the Palin daughter/grandaughter blog furphy story this morning. I believe it is part of Murdoch's so-called Evil Empire.

Anonymous said...

"In the light of some recent comments, I re-read the article to make sure I actually wrote what I thought I wrote. I did."

Indeed you did Syd and I believe you said this right up front at the start: "Here’s a lovely juicy scandal story."

And now you are telling us that all you were ever trying to do was claim media bias?

The only thing you have correctly illuded to vaguely is that, yes, you are indeed as big a bigot as Bolt or any RWDB (right wing death beast).

Anonymous said...

This debate is a mistake. Here's a piece of thinking I contributed to a thread on Tim Blairs site.

I want ask the question "Is this a woman we want to have the nuclear trigger in her hands".

Betchya can guess my answer.

Hi Mr. Bingly, I must be terminally deluded because I haven't noticed my head exploding over the last few years, let alone months, weeks or days.

I agree that the Hot Mama fakes birth scandal, with Downs Syndrome baby is pretty far out of town and wierd. Kind of National Enquirer.

And I read the stories about over-reaction and fear - but honestly I don't know how much to believe them.

Or how relevant they are.

I trust that American citizens who bother to pay attention will make up their own minds about Sarah Palin, and they will ask themselves the question "Is this a woman we want to see have control of our nuclear trigger?".

As I say, I may be terminally deluded, but I think the answer to that question is pretty clearly "No way, jose.".

And I think an awful lot of Americans will come to the same answer.

Especially women.

I mean I've seen a picture of this woman beside the corpse of a Reindeer she'd shot with a rifle = along side one of her young children.

I mean, I'd like to brag here about my understanding of the mystery that is woman, but I'll settle for believing that all women are savvy about range of behaviours available for the woman enraged. And can make good guesses about how Sarah ought be expected to behave.

Sarah's hand on the nuclear trigger?

I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bryan

How remarkable to encounter a viewpoint from an identifiable human being. And a viewpoint worthy of a response, what’s more!

Murdoch apologists who dare not give their names never fail to amaze me. What on earth are they worried about? Revolution?

Anyhow, I’m sorry you consider this discussion is a 'mistake'. Do you mean it shouldn't happen at all? Or is it that you prefer to discuss something else?

If the former, I had no idea you support censorship. If the latter, perhaps 'mistake' isn't the best word?

You seem alarmed at the prospect of Ms Palin's finger on the nuclear trigger.

I admit it bothers me too.

However, while ANYONE’S finger on a doomsday switch makes very nervous indeed, I'm more bothered by the thought of McCain. Palin is largely an unknown, whereas McCain's track record as a pro-war fanatic is long, clear and indubitable.

Palin, I gather, may have a background in the Alaskan Independence Party. Who knows, she might yet turn out to be the Gorbachev of our new century - a Wonder Woman type who dismantles the bloated American Empire. Perhaps she's a Russian agent? Either way, it's possible in her case to entertain the faintest hope she might turn out to be relatively innocuous.

By contrast, McCain has no redeeming features on issues of war and peace - not that I've noticed. It’s hard not to conclude that with McCain, what we see is what we’d get: a stooge of the Military Industrial Complex and perpetual war-glorifying Zionist nutcase.

Speaking of which, I notice Ms Palin touched base earlier this week with lobbyists for a certain foreign State.

Which State? Britain? Canada? China? Mexico? France? Germany? Japan? Russia? Cuba?

Of course not! What career politician and mother of a rapidly expanding family has time for that lot?

One set of marching orders is quite sufficient.

Bryan, it’s impressive to see you post at Tim Blair's blog. Isn’t preaching to lepers a sign of sainthood?

If you pull off any miracles while you’re over there, we should inform Rome. You might pip Mary McKillop at the post. :-)

Anonymous said...

I notice the Fairfax media is back in business - and this morning makes a major contribution to the developing Palin saga.

I wonder, does this mean journalists are back? Or is Sydney's flagship newspaper now written by volunteers, like CairnsBlog?

In any event, this morning's fine read is entitled Palin girl's 'redneck' boyfriend. If the author isn't paid for such gems, perhaps we could arrange a whip-round? She deserves it, IMO.

Judging by the Herald article, Levi is the Repugs latest, greatest hope for capturing the dumbed-down all-American youth vote.

I quote:

Levi Johnston, an 18-year-old high school ice hockey player, has been the subject of intense media attention in the US since it was revealed that he was the likely father to 17-year-old Bristol Palin unborn child.

Johnston describes himself on his MySpace page as "f---in redneck" who likes to snowboard and ride dirt bikes, but "I don't want kids", according to US media reports.

"I like to go camping and hang out with the boys, do some fishing, shoot some s- -- and just f---in' chillin' I guess," he wrote before his MySpace page was removed. "Ya f--- with me I'll kick [your] ass."

The boy's mother, Sherry Johnston, told Associated Press there had been no pressure put on her son to marry Miss Palin and they had made plans to wed before it was known she was pregnant.

"This is just a bonus," she said.

There's something for everyone in the Palin soap-opera.

It's an X-rated arctic version of Days of Our Lives with a liberal dash of The Simpsons.

Don't be a spoilsport, Bryan.

This stuff is compulsive viewing.

Anonymous said...

So if we dont put our name on replies, they are guaranteed to be a Syd-free Zone? Oh goodie. What a bonus.

The risk John McCain took last Friday is comparable to the 72-year-old ex-fighter pilot knocking back two shots and flying his F-16 under the Golden Gate Bridge.

McCain's choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his co-pilot was the biggest gamble in presidential history. As of now, it is paying off, big-time.

The sensational selection in Dayton, Ohio, stepped all over the big story from Denver – Barack Obama's powerful address to 85,000 cheering folks in Mile High Stadium, and 35 million nationally, a speech that vaulted him from a 2-point deficit early in the week to an 8-point margin. Barack had never before reached 49 percent against McCain.

As the Democrats were being rudely stepped on, however, Palin ignited an explosion of enthusiasm among conservatives, evangelicals, traditional Catholics, gun owners and right to lifers not seen in decades.

By passing over his friends Joe Lieberman and Tom Ridge, and picking Palin, McCain has given himself a fighting chance of winning the White House that, before Friday morning, seemed to be slipping away. Indeed, the bristling reaction on the left testifies to Democratic fears that the choice of Palin could indeed be a game-changer in 2008.

Liberals howl that Palin has no experience, no qualifications to be president of the United States. But the lady has more executive experience than McCain, Joe Biden and Obama put together.

None of them has ever started or run a business as Palin did. None of them has run a giant state like Alaska, which is larger than California and Texas put together. And though Alaska is not populous, Gov. Palin has as many constituents as Nancy Pelosi or Biden.

She has no foreign policy experience, we are told. And though Alaska's neighbors are Canada and Russia, the point is valid. But from the day she takes office, Palin will get daily briefings and sit on the National Security Council with the president and secretaries of state, treasury and defense.

She will be up to speed in her first year.

And her experience as governor of Alaska, dealing with the oil industry and pipeline agreements with Canada, certainly compares favorably with that of Barack Obama, a community organizer who dealt in the mommy issues of food stamps and rent subsidies.

Anonymous said...

Maaaaaate. With your self-avowed antipathy towards commenters who do not leave their full names, what was with this comment you left on Andrew Bolt's blog?

Not Limited By News
Tue 02 Sep 08 (01:07pm)

Anonymous said...

To the latest anon

I presume you're referring to is this post on Bolt's blog:

Oh come on, Andrew!

I for one simply do not care what this young woman does with her life - it’s hers and hers alone to choose and decide, and it should be used as political leverage…

BUT stop acting all self righteous about this - you know as well as I do that if this was Obama’s daughter you would be calling her a dirty stopout and accusing Obama of being a bad parent, using it to question the morality of the Left and their ability to govern the USA just like all the other rightwing journalists out there.

- Not Limited By News

Thanks for bringing it to my attention, anon.

No, that wasn't me. But it's nice to read a good comment on Blot's blog – and interesting to note via Bolt's characteristically childish reply that he apparently reads CairnsBlog.

Perhaps, over time, it will lead to improvements in your journalism, Andrew?

I'll know it has when you stop appearing on the ABC's 'Insiders' - the weekly parade of phonies masquerading as Australia's political experts.

Raise a hard question or two there and they'll never ask you back.

Like the Empire you serve, it's a Conformist-Only Club.

Anonymous said...

There goes Syd ever onward with boring monotony, backflipping his motivation incoherently and twisting in his own bigoted prejudice and self justification.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember the predictions:

"The all-American teen twosome will make GOP vice presidential pick and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin a grandma at age 44 - just in time for Christmas."

Presumbably Bristol's baby is a few days overdue?

Anyhow, anticipate a happy announcement from Wasilla anyday soon. Funny there isn't been more of a media frenzy.

Syd Walker said...

Just remember you read it first on CairnsBlog :-)

Sarah Palin Probably Staged A Gigantic Hoax About Being Trig's Mother

Palin, the Press, and the Fake Pregnancy Rumor:Did a Spiral of Silence Shut Down the Story?

KitchenSlut said...

With any luck we will also have read it last on Cairnsblog unless we are unlucky enough to find it in a mens magazine on a visit to the barber in 2015 which is about the level of relevance for an 'academic' paper by an obscure journalism teacher from the University of East Bumcrack.

Go back to Jews Syd, you are far more comically entertaining on that!

Unknown said...

"KitchenSlut said...Go back to Jews Syd, you are far more comically entertaining on that!"

Or pro Gadaffi propaganda . Are we supposed to take this serious???

brian writes:FYI syd:free libyan girl’s message to NATO her name is Zuhra, i found it online

"I want to say something to the foreign wireless. Please understand us, how many times we repeated this sentence, just we love our leader, just we want to be with him. We support him until the last minute in our life and to the last drop of our blood. Please understand us: we support him, we love him.
We love him, we just want to be with him.

I want to say something to my Leader, if the whole world is against you, remember two things, just The God is here and we are here, we are here, we are here, we support you, we love you, we want to be just with you.

Oh Leader, we remember you, more than 40 years..."

Syd Walker said...

@Kitchenslut and @Nick

There was a time when I thought you are probably nice people with repulsive views, but the tenor of your recent comments is forcing a rethink.

Did you even read the paper by the academic that I posted on this thread a day or so ago, before embarking on another round of vicious and quite gratuitous personal attacks against me?

Get a life, both of you! Hatred is so unbecoming and can harden the arteries.

KitchenSlut said...

Well, yes Syd actually I did read it and was perplexed as to why anything there was new rather than just a rehash of old news?

When I am in the barber shop in 2015reading in a trashy magazine that indeed Sarah Palin faked the entire thing then I will simply flick the page and say "well, didn't all that make a fucking big difference to my life or anybody elses for that matter"

Hey! There is an internal dispute within the Greens at the moment isn't there on Marickville Council bans on Israel and Bob Brown running away and internal disputes? This should be something up your alley, so to speak, and perhaps more relevant?!

P.S. Hatred? Yes, I confess I am really a repulsive person but with nice views at least if we just cut a few trees down ......

Unknown said...


I was just commenting on a posting on your blog by one of your regulars, which was so bizarre that I think it warranted drawing attention to it here.

Not a bit of hatred in my heart, Syd, unlike some of the nasty commentary that appears on your blog, as soon as someone dares to disagree with the general view that Israel and Zionism are to blame for all evil in the world.

And Sarah Palin does not interest me in the least. I think she should be confined in a padded room somewhere and leave us all in peace.

My arteries are just fine, thank you.