Thursday 28 August 2008

NZ coalition partner in fraud investigation

New Zealand Labour's partner in Government, the New Zealand First party headed by infamous Winston Peters, is at the centre of a Serious Fraud Office investigation tonight.

It's all about whether donations from Sir Robert Jones and the Vela brothers reached the New Zealand First party as intended.

The SFO's office says they have enough information to suspect the investigation may reveal "serious and complex fraud", which is the threshold for the statutory powers which can force documents to be produced or people involved to answer questions.

My mate David Farrar at KiwiBlog has been blogging about this high profile politician for more than two years on the subject on party donations.

The New Zealand House of Representatives was rife today with the latest developments, which Peters, who is Minister of Foreign Affairs, called "ridiculous in the extreme".

Today's SFO's announcement has forced a revelation from Prime Minister Clark that she knew in February about a donation from Owen Glenn towards Winston Peters' legal fees. KiwiBlog released the stunning letter.

It was a long day in politics in Kiwiland today.

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