Thursday 28 August 2008

From the Pitts

Local Government Minister Warren Pitt on was radio this morning announcing that he is upset that poor Port Douglas and Mossman residents are having to foot 50% of the bill
to carry out an independent facts and data report on the failure of the amalgamation.

"I'm so moved and touched," says Rod Davis, a former Douglas Councillor.

Warren tells us Jason O'Brien has been in his office sweating. How horrible.

Pitt then added, that the independent report he wants, was actually to be a report about making amalgamation with Cairns work.

"Warren, there is job waiting for you, as Chinese governor of Tibet," Rod Davis says.

What sort of idiots to do take us for? Pitt then tactfully added, that he wants his man Jason on the steering committee for the Report.

"Now Warren, we wouldn’t want that report to possibly touch a sensitive nerve on the eve on a looming local electoral backlash rampage, now would we?" Davis says.

I’m sure the Free Tibet crew would love that Chinese governor on their board.

And Warren reckons Douglas is deluded. Yeah, right Warren.


Anonymous said...

I think its's time both Jason O'Brien and Warren Pitt consider a life after politics. Jason is dead in the water as far as his constituents in the former Douglas Shire are concerned. He and Warren know this which is why they are trying to extinguish the flame of de-amalgamation in Douglas. (Strangely enough and, frankly, stupidly enough by pouring fuel on the fire! Duh!) They are fearful it will have a domino effect on other amalgamated shires who plainly see amalgamation as the ill-conceived, undemocratic and fraudulent exercise it has been.

Anonymous said...

Bwaaahh haha, people want the Douglas Shire Council aka the "Punch and Judy Show" back???
Yeah, they were good for a laugh, fighting, calling the cops, and booting each other out. Without amalgamation, they looked set to get the boot, the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

There hasn't been any announcement from the LNP State Opposition declaring they will de-amalgamate, if elected. The chances are, they will not do anything either.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we wait with breathless anticipation to see what the Shadow Minister for Local Government Howard Hobbs MP has to say next Sunday at the Public Meeting in Port re de-amalgamation and how any assurances made by the LNP State Opposition could be TRUSTED! In the 1980's Nick Griener - as part of his successful State Government election campaign in NSW promised to dismantle Sydney's hideous monorail. On becoming premier he reneged on his promise. Surprise, surprise. No wonder people are cynical and fed up with these "whatever it takes - win at any cost" politicians. A pox on all their houses!

Anonymous said...

Amalgamation was all about saving the State Government big monies in due course. It is hardly likely therefore that any LNP Government will reverse the decision. In fact, knowing politics, they will use the decision by the Beatty Government to amalgamate councils for their own political sophistry. Wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Angry people don't think rationally, unfortunately. They want revenge, and they want it now and to hell with the consequences.
Like little children, they want to throw their temper tantrums and get instant gratification. Sadly, unscrupulous and self-serving political people take advantage of this. The sheeple are so easy to manipulate.
It will be interesting to see what this Howard Hobss has to distinct from following through with what he says, of course.

Anonymous said...

If they think it will get them into power, the LNP will support de-amalagmation.
Why not, that's the sort of thing the Labour Party do.

Anonymous said...

Angry people don't think rationally? That's a pretty simplistic argument. If you'd been at last Tuesday's public meeting in Mossman you would think otherwise. The outstanding feature was the way everyone in the audience remained calm and focussed and contributed their remarks in orderly fashion. In many ways this reflects the exceptional demeanour of our sole representative on the CRC, Julia Leu. The anger was contained, the message clear. There were no temper tantrums and there will be no instant gratification. This we know will be a long and arduous fight but we WILL maintain the rage and deliver it in force where it hurts most - the ballot box.