Wednesday 27 August 2008

Weipa Watchdog is back

It seems as though Rio Tinto continues to do dumb things up in Weipa, that need commenting on, and the Weipa Watchdog is back in business again.

Cape York Weipa Watchdog blogger Chris, told me he was just going to let it fold, but alas, he's back online.

"Great to see that your target got the arse," Chris tells me, referring to the Cairns March elections.

Although it seems you're always destined to get politicians in councils, no matter how many elections pass.

In a recent rant about all thing Rio, Tinto that is, he cites the community consultation that Rio has become infamous for in the region. Zilch.

"Rio only seemed to come out with their tailings dam info when Watchdog got wind of it months ago [back in February]," Chris writes. "Next minute we got double-page ads in the paper, a few meetings and a few posters on the notice board. What we didn't get was prior consultation, ie before planning. I wonder if anyone in RIO ever thought for a minute about the poor pricks living right across the road from the dam? Did anyone cite potential dramas with Night-time noise for those residents and their kids, let alone the dust?"

Chris lives in the neighbouring suburb of New Nanum, adjacent to massive new dredging.
"Before any of you fuckers go on about 'if you don't like it, leave' ... let me say this ... Pull your fucking head in," he writes.

He's run into a number of threats by the legal heavy weights for his online writings over the last year, something I can relate to well. There's a really important job for a lone Blogger to do in this media-starved far northern town.

Keep up the good work Chris. You're doing God's work (she would approve).

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